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Web Dispatcher -"Your session has timed out. Please log on again"

Linwood Doty
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I have a web dispatcher in the DMZ configured for SSL and connected to backend J2ee CI + 2 java app servers. SSL is configured and working with verisign certs.


The problem is when we access the backend customer URL (via a re-direct in the web dispatcher) ...we do get the correct login page, however as soon as we type a user/password we immediately get "Your session has timed out. Please log on again."..


Now, I also have a re-direct going to the Netweaver Administration (NWA) using https....this works great. It is only with the customer url using xcm config that causes the error.


any ideas?


icm/server_port_1 = PROT=HTTPS, PORT=443, TIMEOUT=15, PROCTIMEOUT=45


icm/HTTP/redirect_0  = PREFIX=/, FROM=/marset, TO=/marset/init.do?scenario.xcm=marset (this is the problem re-direct)

icm/HTTP/redirect_1 =  PREFIX=/, FROM=/nwa,    TO=/nwa                                                  (this works fine for netweaver admin)