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batch classification

sumit choudhary
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hi all,


i want to know for batch determination,why classification of batch is mandatory?


pls explain.

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    Ajit Kumar
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    sort rules are based on characterisitics

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    Hi Sumit,


    First, you need to have defined in the material master data the classification with class type 023.


    Check what class is defined in your material and go to CL02.

    There, check the characteristics assigned to this.

    Then, go to CT04 and check if theses characteristics have been assigned as mandatory, the check box "Entry required" should be active.


    For that reason, your classification is mandatory.


    But, if your question is about why the batch is showing always the classification data, the reason is because it was defined in the material master data.


    I hope this help.


    Kind regards,


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      sumit choudhary
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      ok, but in our case no class is assigned in material master and batch determination is working fine.





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        mmboy 05
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        Hi Sumit,


        then goto OMS2-double click material type - un-tick classification view for that material type....


        it may helps u

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        Juergen L
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        I cant believe that a batch determination works for you without classification.

        how do you carry out batch determination and how do you know that the determination worked?

        in the class you define which characteristics are used for batch classification

        the class is assigned as batch class in the classification view to a material master.

        when a batch is created, then the classification template is copied from material master to batch master and then you can valuate the characteristics manually or automatically

        e.g. a color would be a manual valuation, the shelf life expiration date can be valuated automatically during goods receipt.

        in batch determination you setup a search class, which can have all characteristics of your batch classification or just a subset.

        and in this search class you define how you search for batches e.g.  batches that have a certain color  or which have still 60 days to its expiration.

        when carrying out the batch determination e.g. in a delivery, then SAP is searching for all batches whose characteristic values matches with the search criteria.

        Subsequent it sort those found batches according to your sort rules, and finally picks the first one that has avaiable stock.

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    Bijay Kumar Barik
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    Batch Management you doing means, you just subdividing the material according to material Characteristics.By using Classification,you can describe objects by using characteristics where

    characteristics to describe the properties of objects and during set up you must assign all characteristics to the class.


    Like Batch , you can use Classification for Material( variant configuration), Vendor(classification) and

    Release procedure for Purachsing document etc....




    Biju K