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Triggering BPM process wsdl from EJB in CE 7.2

Subathra Murugesan
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Hi all,


I have a BPM process that has a start message trigger. I am trying to trigger this process from an EJB. and finally the EJB would be exposed as a web service.

The steps that I followed for the same:

-> I copied the URL of the WSDL (start trigger) from Configuration Mgmt -> Process Repository -> Select the process and choose 'Start Process' . The WSDL URL appears in the bottom table.


-> I imported the WSDL into an EJB module DC. Right click , Import WSDL. I could see 3 wsdl files in my DC. One with the name rootwsdl_TriggerDummyProcess.wsdl, the other 2 are rootwsdl_importedwsdl_1_TriggerDummyProcess.wsdl and rootwsdl_importedwsdl_2_TriggerDummyProcess.wsdl.


-> The wsdl that has the start trigger's location is rootwsdl_TriggerDummyProcess.wsdl. I created a web service client for this WSDL using the wizard.


-> I cretaed a session bean and wrote the code in the attached text file to execute the WSDL. The host and port are removed in this attachment.


-> I used the wizard to expsoe the EJB as a web service


->Now when I try to execute this web service, I get the below exception

Caused by: java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 405 for URL: http://<host>:<port>/bpm/demosapcom/testbpm/DummyProcessTrigger


Can someone please advise how to go abotu resolving this?


Thanks in advance

Subathra M