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Rename a universe

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The users asked me to rename a universe.

Can this be done easily ? Or will I have to change the link to the universe in every report ?


Thank you.

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    Nakul Mehta
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    Hi Vincent,


    You can rename the uninverse by:


    1. Login to CMC

    2. Select Universes >> select the universe which you want to rename.

    3. Right click >> go to to properties >> change the Title

    4. Click on save and Close. It would rename the universe.


    The Object ID remains the same; This modification changes only the name of the universe. Each security setting, access level restriction, and link in the reports is retained.




    Nakul Mehta

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    Laxminarayana Kidambi
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    1. It is not a best practice to change universe name in CMC.

    2. Universe Designer is a tool designed for maintaining Universes and you should always use it.

    3. If you have changed Universe name in CMC, import the universe using Universe Designer and export it back to the Enterprise.

    4. Open the Webi report and click "Save", close it and reopen to see the changed name of the unvierse.

    5. This should resolve the inconsistency.



    Also note the below points:

    1.The reason you don't see the change in the webi report is because the value you are seeing is not the name of the universe, but the short name.

    2.This is often the same as the universe name and also the file name when a universe is created.

    3. If you use the query builder to obtain the InfoObject for the universe you will see that the property SI_SHORTNAME is not updated when you change the name using the CMC.

    4. In normal usage, a universe name change would not happen in the CMC, but using the designer application.

    5. In the past people have used the universe name to denote a version, but the file name always remained the same (filename was the shortname in earlier versions).

    6. Now with the Life Cycle Manager (LCM) tool in XI 3.1, there is less need to update the universe name.

    7.Also, so you are aware, the shortname is used in a function known as runtime re-linking.

    8. When a document is refreshed, if the user does not have access to the universe the data provider is referring to, then it will attempt to refresh against a universe with the same name.

    9. This has been successfully in the past by customers who have used different copies of a universe for different languages etc.

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    Adithya Kumar
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    Hi Vincent,


    Renaming can be done in 2 ways.


    1. The universe can be renamed in CMC itself, if u rename it here , the change will be reflected in all the reports which use this universe , for changes to be reflected try creatinga  new deski session

    2. If this does not work out , the only other option is u have to rename the universe in Universe Designer (which is equivalent to creating a new universe) ,  and map the  reports to this new universe.

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    I made some tests.

    Changing name seems to not be a problem for WebI Report. But it is a problem for Deski report. I think WebI reports refer to the id of the universe but Deski reports refer to the name of the universe.