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BSP POP UP with YES/NO buttons

Vinutha Chowdary
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Hi All,


I have a requirement to create a new pop up window in BSP which has YES/NO buttons.

There is a page already created in BSP which when opened has a button 'Press Me'.

Now when I click on the button 'press me', I need a new BSP pop up window which has an alert 'Do you wish to continue?' and on clicking 'YES' the pop up window should disappear and the first page created should open and on clicking 'NO' the pop up window should close and the page should not be opened.


I am very new to BSP and hence it would be great if you could provide detail step by step instructions.


Please let me know on how to proceed.

Thanks in advance



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    Danilo Schembri
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    Hi Vinutha,


    Are you expert in any other server side scripting language for web?

    If yes, how should you solve your trouble in the other scripting language?



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    Durga Prasad Upadrasta
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    Hi ,


    In ur Htm page pastwe the below code .


       CONSTANTS : name1 TYPE string VALUE 'ABC'           

      <htmlb:button id            = "btnSelect"
                          text          = "Submit"
                          onClick       = "btnSelect"
                          design        = "STANDARD"
                          disabled      = "FALSE"
                          tooltip       = "Approval "

    onClientClick ="varCheck = false;Check =confirm('<%=name1%>');if(Check==false){htmlbevent.cancelSubmit=true;}"/>