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What first DB2 or SAP?

Mohamed Oufkir
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I am a newbee and i want to know the right soloution.


Should I install the DB2 9.7 Database first and than th SAP Netweaver 7.0. After that i ithink i just have to migrade the database into the SAP system.




Ist the Installation for DB2 same as an Oracle? first the SAPinst and than the database?

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    Martin English
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    Hi Mohamed,

      You haven't ahd answers to this because it's posted in the wrong place   next time you have an installation question, try the SAP Netweaver Application Server space.


    Anyway, the answer is that you will be requested to supply the location of the DB/2 installation DVD (or a disk copy of it), the installation directory for the executables and the details of where the containers will be stored as part of the SAPinst.  It's been a while since I've done an Oracle based installation, but SQL Server, MaxDB and DB/2 installations request and verify your DBMS installation data before commencing the installation..