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Procedure Invalidating WebDynpro RFC Metadata Caches

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Dear all,


I understand if the RFC changed at ABAP side, I will need to re-import the RFC and invalidate the cache, or the RFC result will be incorrect mapped.


But after many try, I just cannot fix that without a server restart, please let me know what I am missing, below listed what I tried before restart:


1) Re-import the RFC

2) Invalidate all JCo relate to the WebDynpro

3) Click "Don't cache" option for all JCo relate to the WebDynpro (Only click the meta data at first but it don't work so...)

4) Rebuild and deploy the WebDynpro

5) Run the deploy WebDynpro once


After that I also tried to:


6) Create the missing context for the new add field in the structure


But still fail, and everything back to normal after a server restart.


Did server restart is the only way to go or I still missed something in the procedure?