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BDC does not recognize link inside Action Box (tcode IW52)

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I'm trying to load data into SAP via a BDC recording using t-code SHDB against transaction IW52 on a link/icon that resides in an Action Box. The link was customized in SPRO to create a repair sales order. Behind the link is function module QM06_FM_TASK_RMA_ORDER_CREATE.  This function module along with another FM called QM06_RMA_ORDER_CREATE are used to create a repair sales order and update the service notification (quantity, system status, etc) via IW52.


When I run the BDC recording, either in foreground or background, the process terminates prematurely, and no updating occurs.  The processing appears to have failed just before the execution of the function module QM06_FM_TASK_RMA_ORDER_CREATE.  I know this by setting a break-point inside the FM.  The recording does not recognize the clicking of the link or icon; therefore, the function module does not get executed.


I have tried writing a custom program to call the two function modules (above), but that alone will not work since I would have to mimic transaction IW52 which could be very difficult. 


Is there a BAPI or FM that can be used for this? 


I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to fix this problem.