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  • 90. Re: How did you get your start in SAP?
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    Hi Sunil / Thomas,


    My name is Virender Verma, I am Diploma in Mechanical Engineering & having 12.5 years of experience in Sales, Marketing & Business Development, I got apportunity to work as a core team member SD Module for SAP Implementation in my last company (manufacturing), trained by Wipro team & gone for GO LIVE in 2007, worked as a SAP support in same company from 2007-2012, now I am passionate about career in SAP & planning to go for SAP Certification from Atos to get first  job in SAP


    Pls advice me, whether I am on the right way or not, any suggestion for me?


    waiting your reply.



  • 91. Re: How did you get your start in SAP?
    Sunil Deshpande
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    Thank you very much for appriciating my industrial experience. Surely it is helping me.


    Thanks once again





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    Sunil Deshpande
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    Hi Virender,


    It is good thought that you are interested to join SAP as carrer with huge domain experience (Just like me). As you are saying that you worked as a core team member 5 years back.


    Are you still connected with SAP support work?


    Do have SD configuration background?


    If you are confindent on this then definately you can join SAP Community.


    All the best,



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    Hi Sunil,


    Thanks for your reply.

    Pls note that I had participated as a Core Team Member in 2007 & from 2007 to Feb 2012, I had been working as a SD Support & coordinating with SAP Consultants, I have recently changed the job (Feb,2012) & joined a company in marketing Department, I have joined this company due to five days working, sothat I can attend my SAP Certification classes on Saturday & Sunday.


    I am not connected to SAP support since Feb'2012.


    I have fare knowledge about SD Configuration & Scenarios.


    Pls comment.





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    Hemraj J
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    My Path:-


    Graduation in computer Science->Worked for 5 years in HR->SAP HR certification(self)->looking for SAP HR job.

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    Jake Jason Dacquel
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    This is how my SAP career started.


    Bachelor's (Computer Science) -> Freelance web developer (6 months) -> SAP ABAPer ,trained by my seniors and  consultant(2010-present) -> looking forward to enroll in any SAP Academy and get certifications.



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    Udara Kotuwella
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    Hi My Path,


    Out of school-->Worked in the sales and Marketing field for 3yrs-->Started my  Degree in IT(part time)-->Started my It career with an entry level IT job-->Worked as a Associate Business Analyst for 2 years-->Completed my Degree with few other certifications(OCPJP, CCNA, CISE)Got hired by an SAP consulting organization with an SAP entry level job(6 days)



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    varun sahlot
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    Hey Faisal,


    You're a master in ERP from victoria, G8!!!, so you can help me taking decision. I have 2 yrs SAP B1 exp and now looking for an SAP master program major in accounting and Victoria has it, before that i like to know about the course, uni and job prospects in Australia.

    and i heard it too that all these SAP UA universities teach just TERP10 certification which is just the overview of business processes, which wouldn't help me much as i am already certified.

    Can i find course like this, more promising in any other university in any country preferably Canada.

    If you have any suggestion for me pls share, i was looking for a guy like you who has done what i am looking forward. pls do reply as i have to get to the decision by this yr.





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    Jorge Alonso
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    mine was the hard way: I am a self-made consultant. My former employeers never cared about a training because of the costs, so I had to learn by myself. Of course, I had previous experience as programmer and had learnt programming at school, so this made the contact to ABAP light.


    Since I am a freelancer, I pay myself for training.

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    Srikishan D
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    Firstly; really nice thread - I could go on reading the interesting experiences shared by people here.


    Second; my path -> Bachelors in Computer Science -> SAP Labs held campus recruitment test -> qualified -> worked at SAP Labs Bangalore for 5 years -> Now with consulting firm -> throughout into Basis. My former manager at Labs was initially a Basis guy and really helped us develop the subject interest and continue. He is now the SVP for global SRM and SCM development.


    Third; Basis guys really do have a lot of fun ;-) for example late evenings/nights multiplayer LAN games to kill time (not all the time though )




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    Gaurav Kumar Pandey
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    Hello Thomas,


    Mine is very simple & short !!


    Bachelor's (Computer Science) ---> Campus Recruit ---> Support Engineer in SAP .





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    avanish gulatee
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    Hi thomas ,

    I completed my Graduation in 2009 in electronics and instrumentation but didn't got the job for next 2 years  then my father suggested me go for SAP SD module because he has been dealing with colgate palmolive in1998 -1999 so they use to give the training of SAP to  our office staffs .

    So  I got the job last year in august in SAP SD profile because I have gone through the 200 hrs of elearning from a authorized centre.

      Finally I am working in service industry where their is  a small intergation of SAP sd with IS-utilities and my job is to observe the user so that that correct entry should be passed in the data base.

    So kindly suggest me in which companies should I apply so that I can be better placed and I can make out the maximum use of the sales and distribution module.  

  • 102. Re: How did you get your start in SAP?
    Denis Souza
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    good idea

    Entry Level Job (IT Consultant non SAP ,3 years) --> Hired --> SAP functional (4Y) --> Bachelor's --> Master's --> SAP functional (5Y)

    I completed my Graduation in 2007 in engineering.

  • 103. Re: How did you get your start in SAP?
    karthikeyan P
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    Hi Thomas


    Bachelor's in Information Technology-> Campus Recruit -> SAP ABAP Application Developer (1 yr). The posts in this discussion clearly depicts how difficult it is to enter into SAP domain. Lucky that i made it in the first shot




  • 104. Re: How did you get your start in SAP?
    Sameer Siddiqui
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    Hi Thomas,


    Bachelors of Engineering IT --> Masters in Information and Computer Sciences --> 3 years Work experience in the middle east as a Procurement and IT Analyst --> 1 month of Self Financed SAP MM training from Seimens Information Systems Ltd --> Worked with Honeywell Aerospace as SAP MM Analyst --> Now looking for a career in Australia in SAP MM

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