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ICM using 40% CPU at all times

Siddhesh Ghag
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We have a concurrent user base of 500 users, all using CRM UI Webclient. The web client is served via ICM in our SAP CRM 7.0. We noticed that icm process at OS level occupies 40% of CPU constantly.


Following are the basic parameter values of ICM


min threads = 100

max threads = 250


We have used standard SAP note (can't remember it now), to setup these parameters.


We have another system SAP ECC 6.0 EHP4 with the same set of ICM parameters for the same user base (Our CRM users launch ECC 6.0 implicitly via ECCs ICM).


However, we don't see that ICM server maxing its CPU.


Both kernel versions are same, parameter setup is same.


Activity level is high on both servers, yet one server it maxs out CPU. Its pretty confusing.


Has anyone seen this?



Any help is appreciated.