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Replace NULL with 0 in BEX Query

S Kaur
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Hi All,

My Query has below design:

CHAR1 and KFs Structure (Including 5 KFs) in ROWs; CHAR2 in Column.


           aa  bb cc

abc kf1 1   2   3

       kf2 1   2   3

       kf3 1   2   3

       kf4 1   2   3

       kf5 1   2

xyz kf1 1 

       kf2 1 

       kf3 1 

       kf4 1 

       kf5 1 


As shown, at some places KFs have NULL values because Char1 and Char2 does not have posted data against each other. I want these NULL to be replaced with 0. I have tried +0 in all KFs, that did not work because we have one characteristics in rows and another in column. Please share any ideas.


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    Harish Babu
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    Go to query properties -> goto value display tab -> you will have option "zero value display" -> select zero as default text... you can give text you desired...


    Hope it helps.




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    Yiannis Kasolis
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    I think you can't do it. It's about characteristic combination. You can have zero values whenever you have the combination on abc,xyz with aa,bb,cc values (this can be done with what you have done on the CKF add zero) otherwise you can't show zero values.


    I haven't tried to make it as a workbook and change on the workbook settings the display non existing values to zero.


    Thank you