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Issue with Adaptive Webservice model Execution

Mahendran Balasubramani
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I have created an "Adaptive Webservice Model" which is a WSDL file from PI server. This is the synchronous communication. I will set a parameter during the execution of the model and I will get a return value from the PI Interface.


This was working fine and I was able to receive the parameter. but suddenly (Without any changes to the code), the model execution is not happening. I have checked the user ID maintained in the "DynamicWebserviceProxy" and everything is fine with it. No changes was happened anywhere in the system both portal and PI. But the model exection was not working anymore.


coding has been done as follows.


1. Execution of model.

2. Get the parameter from PI interface.

3. set the parameter value to the local attribute in the context.


The execution of model is within TRY - CATCH block. If there is a problem with execution of model, I should get some exception in catch block.

But there is a "Nullpointerexception" during the 2nd step. i.e. Getting the parameter from the PI interface.

When I check the portal log there is no log for execution step using the "DynamicWebserviceProxy".

Also there is no log in PI logs & traces.


Pls throw me some light on how to locate where the issue is.. I didnt do any changes to the codings and suddenly it throws the exception.


Is there any way I can trace what is happening when i run the model.


give me some idea on this.



Mahendran B.