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Milestone Billing plan for SD

prashant belgaonkar
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Dear Guru's


   iam working on milestone billing as folows


my biling plan will be like


1.7.2012 --- procurement of material  ------    25% of invoice amount will be paid by customer (proforma invoice)

3.7.2012 ---  Assembly                     ------    25% of invoice amount will be paid by customer (proforma invoice)

5.7.2012 --   painting                        -------    25%of invoice  amount will be paid by customer (proforma invoice)

8.7.2012  --   Final product shipping to customer -----  100% amount of invoice (Commercial invoice)



i tried in my develpment server with following results

Created Mile stone Billing plan stored all above dates and percentage


when i create sales order it picks up right billing plans, when i do billing (sales order to billing) proforma invoice, 1st line  that is on 1.7.2012 for 25% invoice amount is billed rightly, but


when i do it for 3.7.2012 it bills again for 1.7.2012 and also 3.7.2012, and when i go to analyse split invoice , it says header data different, where as i tried to find out header data are same.


please help me, and also last bill should be commercial invoice with 100 % billing amount.


please help me wait eagerly



Thanks and Regards

Prashant Belgaonkar