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Errors in setting connection

Louis De Gouveia
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Hi Everyone


I'm trying to create a schema in SLT server in transaction LTR.


When I try and create it against SAP ERP I get the error "Errors in setting connections".


But if i create from Legacy System which is MS SQL it works and I can replicate.


I have tested the following.

-SLT can communicate with HANA system. In SLT system,transaction DBCO to for connection for your target HANA system and test the same with program 'ADBC_TEST_CONNECTION' (tx: SE38). Returns postive results.

-Due to replication working with MS SQL I have concluded that connection between SLT and HANA is fine.



With the above in mind I assume the problem is in SAP ERP. But we have done the following

-Loaded DMIS all the way to 5. Also loaded in SLT.

-Kernal is 720_EXT and patche level is way above 110

-RFC connection between SLT and SAP ERP is fine

-User for RFC connection created and assigned the correct role in ERP.

-In SM21 I see no errors in SLT or ERP. No errors in ST22



How can I get a more descriptive error on what is wrong?


Please point me in the correct direction. What is wrong?