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SAP HANA Certification related Questions, Discussion, Material, Useful Tips...

Rakesh Gundala
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Hi Everyone,


I am future HANA certification aspirant. I am reading a lot of articles related to power of HANA and the impact it can make on various businesses. I am currently a non SAP consultant working as a Informatica Developer. Now, want to pursue a career in SAP HANA module. I guess there are very few projects currently on HANA, but the no.s would grow quickly in no time with the impact that we see after HANA's 1 year Bday.


I have couple of qus and would appreciate if any one can answer them and can give some feed back,


1. Currently for people working as a ETL Developer like, Informatica(non SAP) to HANA or any other SAP related module, as to which one to pursue? SAP BODS, SAP BO, SAP BI/BW or any other?


2. For the Certification exams, can any body share their experience as how did u prepare for the exam, any reading material or books or videos? If u have any can u plz provide links to it.


3. I see that we can get 30 day free trial for using HANA database over the cloud. Can any one explain how the free server access works? Like, after creating a free account, we just have to log into it and explore the HANA Studio?


4. In the 30 day free trial for using HANA Studio, will the databases and tables be already created? How does the data come into HANA db? from an external source? If so, can we load/replicate the data from external source into HANA db which is available there on the 30 day free trial server using BODS or any other ETL process? Can we get hands on experience doing that?


5. Once, we get access to the 30 day free trial server? How best to utilize it, where from can we get any working scenarios in terms of table creation or writing views and displaying graphical data? How can we do that? Any helpful documents that can give us practical knowledge on the HANA studio?


6. Can we install the HANA studio Client on Windows 7 computers? Where can we get the download link? From the server access?


These are few qus that I have for the SAP/HANA experts, if u can share ur valuable thoughts into the above, it would be of great help for future HANA certification aspirants.


Thank You.



Rakesh Gundala

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