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WebDynpro Runtime Error

pavan kumar
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Can any one suggest me how to resolve this error.


Exception          CX_WD_BAD_ARGS

What happened?

    The exception 'CX_WD_BAD_ARGS' was raised, but it was not caught anywhere along

    the call hierarchy.


    Since exceptions represent error situations and this error was not

    adequately responded to, the running ABAP program

     '/1BCWDY/C19M7QG1N3MYQKZ1VMA5==CP' has to be





What can you do?

    Note down which actions and inputs caused the error.



    To process the problem further, contact you SAP system



    Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look

    at and manage termination messages, and you can also

    keep them for a long time.




Error analysis

    An exception occurred which is explained in detail below.

    The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_WD_BAD_ARGS', was not caught and

    therefore caused a runtime error.

    The reason for the exception is:

    Parameter EDATE contains an invalid value .





How to correct the error


    If the error occures in a non-modified SAP program, you may be able to

    find an interim solution in an SAP Note.

    If you have access to SAP Notes, carry out a search with the following








    If you cannot solve the problem yourself and want to send an error

    notification to SAP, include the following information:

1. The description of the current problem (short dump)


    To save the description, choose "System->List->Save->Local File



2. Corresponding system log


    Display the system log by calling transaction SM21.

    Restrict the time interval to 10 minutes before and five minutes

after the short dump. Then choose "System->List->Save->Local File



3. If the problem occurs in a problem of your own or a modified SAP

program: The source code of the program

    In the editor, choose "Utilities->More



4. Details about the conditions under which the error occurred or which

actions and input led to the error.


Source Code Extract


Line  SourceCde


  200     when `HANDLEDEFAULT`.

  201       Me->handledefault( WdEvent ).


  203     when others.

  204       raise exception type Cx_Wd_Bad_Args

  205         exporting

  206           Parameter = `HANDLER_NAME`

  207           Argument =  Handler_Name.

  208   endcase.

  209 endmethod.


  211 *====================

  212 method handledefault.

  213 *====================

  214 " typecasting from generic to specific arguments


  216 * data declaration

  217   data:

  218     !wdEvent like !Event.

  219   field-symbols:

  220     <cur_Param>   type Wdr_Event_Parameter.


  222   wdEvent = Event.


  224   " mandatory parameter edate

  225   data:

  226     !edate type Char10.

  227   read table Event->Parameters[]

  228     with table key Name = `EDATE` assigning <cur_Param>.

  229   if ( 0 ne sy-Subrc ).

>>>>>     raise exception type Cx_Wd_Bad_Args   "this is the error point

  231       exporting

  232          Parameter = `EDATE`.

  233   endif.

  234   " Cx_Sy_Conversion or similar issues may occur

  235   " but this is caused by the invocing party !!!

  236   f_Internal_Api->assign_Untyped_Reference(

  237     exporting !data_Ref = <cur_Param>-Value

  238     importing !data =     !edate ).


  240   " mandatory parameter form

  241   data:

  242     !form type Char2.

  243   read table Event->Parameters[]

  244     with table key Name = `FORM` assigning <cur_Param>.

  245   if ( 0 ne sy-Subrc ).




G.Pavan Kumar