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Hows your Experience with the New SCN .

Prasanna K
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Hello All ,


With almost One year of completion with the New SCN I would like to share my views regarding the experience with it and I would also like to hear from other members as well. And any further suggestion or feature you all desire that could have been with our New SCN ( Just curious to know ).


My experience is as follows:


Truly speaking the New SCN was out of my head during my earlier times with it.

I hated it like a bad smell and was desperately waiting for the SCN to be reverted to its Classical Flavour.

And I am not alone with this same experience.

These are the below links with similar ideology for the New SCN :


Bad exeperience with the new sitehttp://scn.sap.com/thread/3145606

Where is the old SDN ??????and many more like this ...


I think many like me where annoyed with this . I have even seen a Documented criticizing the New SCN at its earlier stage.


I felt searching in Old SCN was simpler , just to CTRL + F for your topic and hit the link for the same.


But there is very popular saying that time heals everything , similarly I started getting used to with this New , Awesome , Fluid ( due to JIVE ) , Graphical SCN.

I started liking it very much .

With much like a popular social networking site like interface it became very easy and interesting for use.

And nothing to say about this fantastic link by Keith Elliot which made by life easy with the  New SCN.



And as already mention in this document about the new features of SCN http://scn.sap.com/community/getting-started/blog/2012/03/19/impressions-about-the-new-scn .

I like this tool boxes very much.

tool box.JPG



Messaging features are also up to the mark and I like using them very much.

One additional feature which I would desire is an Instant Messenger option.

Five  Stars for the New SCN.

Wishing to listen from you all