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SAP OM Time constraint

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Hi All,

I have a requirement from the client to set up the time constraint between different OM objects in order to have a stable system. They do not want orphan org objects to be available. This is an enhancement. Some of the examples of the requirement are :

1. O-O  --> TC 1

2. O-S--> TC 2

3. O- K---> TC 2

4. S- O --> TC 1

5. S - P --> TC 3

And so on. We have A002 relationship for all O- O and we have B003 and B012 for O-S. How do i set the relationships? I am using Personnel Management->Organizational Management->Basic Settings->Data Model Enhancement-> Relationship Maintenance -> Maintain Relationships and Define Time Constraint Depending on Target Object Type.

When i try the set the O-1001-A002- O in the second link(Define Time Constraint Depending on Target Object Type) i get an error


"Relevant time constraint for O 1001 A002 is not equal to 3


Message no. 5A287".

I am getting this error for any time constraint i give for this relationship. Can any one please help me on setting the Object relationship in OM.


Appreciate any help.