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Adobe Error

Avijit Dhar
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Hi All,


I am getting the following error at runtime in my webdynpro application. Actually I have used a simple interactive form in my webdynpro  application. Build and Deployed and getting the error while trying to run the application.


java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: can't parse argument number urn:AdobeDocumentServicesWsd/AdobeDocumentServicesVi


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    Nikhil Tapkir
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    can u paste the entire error here.


    Nikhil Tapkir.

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    shabir rahim
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    can you check whether the PdfSource property is set to a binary Value attibute and also, if you can give more error Description, it would be helpful.

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    Michele Garramone
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      I sort out the same problem resetting the password for ADSUSER both in Identity Management and  for logical port ConfigPort_Document (Start nwa: SOA Management -> Business Administration -> Web Services Administration   then search for Proxy Definition Name and choose DestinationSI. Choose ConfigPort_Document and in security tab find User and password detail )


    Hope is helpful




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    Nikhil Tapkir
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    Firstly check weather ur ads configuration of the server is done properly. i

    see weather ur ads settings are as per the following document

    Tutorial on Installing Credentials and Configuring ADS



    f yes ur ADSUser password

    must have expired follow the steps to reset the password


    SAP NetWeaver '04 / 2004s


    1. Log on to the Visual Administrator.


    2. Follow the path:

    Server -> services -> Security Provider -> User Management tab


    3. Display the user ADSUser.


    4. Change the ADSUser password. (You can use the same password.) Check the checkbox

    'No password change is required'.


    Note: The below mentioned technical user role is available for the ADSuser as of

    NetWeaver 2004s SPS 7.


    5. Log on to 'User Management' of your AS Java:

    http://<AS Java server>:<http port> -> User Management


    6. Display the user ADSUser.


    7. In the 'Security policy' field, change the setting from 'Default' to 'Technical

    Users' and save.


    (For more information on the 'Security Policy' option, see the Release Notes in

    the SAP Help Portal at




    After changing this option, the ADSUser password will not expire.


    Note that this feature is not available for SAP NetWeaver '04.

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      anjanav das
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      Hello Nikhil I am also getting the same problem, problem screen shot.png

      The interactive form has a value attribute attached to it of binary type and a node as a data source. the ads has been configured by the network admin. and i want to ask u that the following  steps u have mentioned will it be able to handle the problem? Then i will forward it to our admin. I will be grateful if i can have any reply.



      Anjanav Das