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DB Connect - system not accessible in QA

Darryl Goveas
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Hi experts,


We created a DB Connect source system in our BI Dev environment, and successfully extracted data there.


However, when we try the same connection in our QA environment, we get an error that the system cannot be connected to.


Our BI (7.0) is on Oracle 11, and our source is on an MS SQL server (2000).



The database system XXXX is not accessible.


System Response

The system tried but failed to establish a database link. A short dump has been registered.


This connection was used successfully in the past (several months ago), but now the connection no longer works.  We have checked the connection parameters, and there are no entries in the error log for the source system.  We have successfully done some loads into BI Dev, so we know the systems can still communicate.  We also just did a restart of our BI QA system.


Any hints, suggestions, or solutions would be most welcome!!




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    Jürgen Kirsch
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    Hi Darryl,


    did you check the firewall and network connections ?

    What infos are in the short dump ?


    Kind regards,




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      Darryl Goveas
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      Hi Jurgen,


      Thanks for your reply.  I'm pretty sure we checked those, but will ask our network guys again.


      The message details (from SM21) are:

      Unexpected return value 14 when calling up CON


      When calling a function within the database interface, a return value which cannot be processed by the calling function was provided.


      Technical details

      File:    23

      Offset: 142380

      RecFm:  h    

      System log type:  Database Error (Non-SQL)

      SysLogMsgGrp: BZ 

      SubName(N): Y

      variable message data:

      14        CON                                       dbds    1057


      it appears that nothing is in the ST22 dump log..





      Update:  It appears that this is an intermittent connection issue.  We are able to activate and check the connection successfully sometimes, and at other times this does not work.  This is a random event, so is quite perplexing...


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    Niyi Fadeyi
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    Please perform this tasks;


    Check value of DIR_LIBRARY environment variable on Your BI system:

    u2022     DIR_LIBRARY


    (DIR_LIBRARY = /usr/SAP/C 11/SYS/exe/run

    dbms_type   = ora)


    Since the BI  system is based on Oracle, you will need to install an additional database library, so that the BW system can access a Microsoft SQL Server database.

    Download that library (Under the guidance of SAP Notes 323151 and 400818)


    Target BI Platform: 64-bit Windows 2003 / Oracle

    Source SQL Platform: 64-bit Windows 2003 / MS SQL


    Downloaded the MS SQL database Library patch level 138: lib_dbsl_138-20001375.sar from the 64-bit Windows, SQL SAP kernel, Application Server ABAP section of SMP.



    Set the System environment variable:

    DIR_LIBRARY = F:\usr\sap\XYZ\SYS\exe\uc\NTAMD64 - (yours might be a bit different)


    Unpacked the file lib_dbsl_138-20001375.sar in the E:\software\SQL DB Library\ directory.




    extracted and copied to kernel directory to ensure that they are in the PATH, as we as that they are in the DIR_LIBRARY env variable.




    Setting up the Database Connection inside the BI system

    Before this section can be complete, you have to have completed the section:

    Installing the database shared library



    Maintaining an entry in DBCON.

         Go to transaction SM30 in your BI system:

         Create a u201CNew Entryu201D

    u2022     BW Administrator Workbench (RSA1)  Goto  Modeling

    u2022     Source Systems (Root Nodes)  Context Menu (right mouse click)  Create

    u2022     In the following dialog box, choose the source system type Dat

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    Darryl Goveas
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    our Dev BI box is co-located with the system we were connecting to.  Our QA BI box is in another site.  Network issues were causing the intermittent connection issues from our QA BI system to this source.