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Visual Composer Feedback page

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Hi All,

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the Visual Composer content we publish at SDN.

Using the SDN wiki platform, you can now, very easily, add your impressions, suggestions and ideas…..

Just click this link - <a href="https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/wiki?path=/display/vc/visualComposerFeedback&">Visual Composer Feedback Page</a>, and add your feedback to it...

We will monitor the page frequently and try to act according to your ideas and suggestions….

Thanks, Dafna

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    Moshe Shabat
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    SAP staff,

    If I like to keep using VC 7.0 it would be great if I could control the Iview's screen size and not by estimating the size. I know VC 7.1 using that property but we are not ready to move to VC 7.1 and like to still use it in 7.0


    I also saw code for color gauge around why not include the icon on the next SP17 so everyone can use it and not go and try to install it individually.


    I also like to find out how to fix the time TNOW in VC7.0. The function return the date instead. what am I doing wrong? or is there a fix to this problem?


    Thanks in advance

    Moshe Shabat

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      Moshe Shabat
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      SAP Staff,

      After 3 long days and reading many many artical on all topics related to VC I found out why the TNOW function did not work and once I found it, it was simple and it was hard to find due to poor documentation of the VC.


      So, to get the TNOW working, you need to select new UI item in a form and select data type "Time". Time data type is just one of several type like: Text, Num, Date and so on.  

      After the selection go into the field property to select the function option. In the Time function select TNOW and select OK to exit. I included the Time function inside a ticker with Date and Time, this did the trick for me. The same process is with date option. repeat all the steps above but instead of Time data type select Date as date in the new UI for adding new fields.


      Is there a good VC book with good documentation on all VC functionality. In my opinion, there is a big demand for it just by looking at the number questions posted in the forum.