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2LIS_06_INV - Set up tables

Raul Planas
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I need to fill up the set up tables for 2LIS_06_INV - Invoice Verification datasource. When I run the program in background from time to time I get the following message "the recompilation has successfully processed 1 blocksu201D. This message may appear to be Ok. However when I tested the extractor RSA3, I only get a handful of records say 198. The Table RBKP has 38, 000+ records. These records should have being extracted. Then, I delete the set up and I start the process again and again with no real positive results. The source system is SAP ECC 6.0.


In another note, the transaction OLI6BW u2013 Invoice verification execution is different from the other 2LISs datasources. This screen does not have u201Cnew run?u201D option. I am not sure if there is a step I may have to do for this datasource for successfully filling the set up tables. I checked the content of  table MC06M_0ITMSETUP. To my shock, I only got 12 entries in the table.


The questions here are as follows:

  • Why is this datasource  not extracting the right amount of records?

  • Is there any step that I accidentally missed?

  • Should the above mentioned table display the right number of records extracted?


Any idea is welcome.