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GR @ Operation level

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Dear All,



I have one scenario where inorder to make an FG, we have to undergo 3-4 Processes.  Now If I mention the processes as separate operartions in my routing for the material.


Following is my requirement.


1. I want to do GR for my FG at each operation level & will receive the material in different storage locations. so that we can track WIP at each stage.



Currently we are creating separate material codes for the above processes & by using separate Production Orders we are doing the operations.  Since this results in the creation of master data on a continous basis we would like to avoid this.


Hence Please advice how to overcome the above issue ?



Thanks & Regards,



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    K.Madhu Kumar
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    Dear Ram,


    Just a Quick suggestion,


    1) As ur saying 3 to 4 process are there for making FG


    2) then don't mainatin all opeartions in one Routing


    3) maintain 4 levels o BOM (multilevel BOM)


    5) for each BOM, maintain one Correspoding Routing with only One opeartion (apply Backflush in OPK4)


    5) mainatin AUTO GR in production scheduling profile


    6) so this way u can have four levels of Prd orders ( so WIP's can Traced very easily)




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      Appreciate the quick response.


      The suggestion you have mentioned is exactly what we are following now. But this results in the creation of master data such as material codes, routing & BOM each time when there is a difference in the FG based on characteristics.


      I know that if we go with Variant configuration we can solve the above issue.  But we dont want to use variant configuration since that requires changes in our existing process.



      Hence can you think of any other alternatives ?



      Thanks & Regards,

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    Prasobh Karunakaran
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    We can simplfy your current process by introducing Bi-Product concept,


    Your BOM for FG should be similar to the below and the routing should be component allocated as below,


    Raw Material -                         Assign to Process 1 - Operation 0010

    Semifinished-1 (-Ve quantity) Assign to Process 1 - Operation 0010

    Semifinished-1                        Assign to Process 2 - Operation 0020 

    Semifinished-2 (-Ve quantity) Assign to Process 2 - Operation 0020 

    Semifinished-2                        Assign to Process 3 - Operation 0030 

    Semifinished-3 (-Ve quantity) Assign to Process 3 - Operation 0030 

    Semifinished-3                        Assign to Process 4 - Operation 0040 


    Now at operation 0010 - Raw materials are consumed and finished product at first stage is recieved as Bi-Product, if backflush is activated this would be part of the Goods movement. I would prefer Backflush process. If not MB1A you consume raw materials and recieve Bi-Product.


    Hope this gives you an Idea as how we can simplfy