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Terms of payment - how to cover my business scenario

Emanuele Occhipinti
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Dear experts,

I am dealing with the following business scenario.


A Sales rep proposes to the client a term of payment made up od several partial amount; for example let assume 3 partial amounts.


The Rep proposes to the client a fixed date, representing the date of the first payment that the client has to do and the installments.


For instance, the client's first date of payment is 1st february and then 1st march and 1st april.


1st february is determined on the M/AM billling data set as 30 days after actual billing date



If the actual billing date is not equal to the planned billing date, the result is that the client has to pay the first partial amount in a  date different fronm the one agreed with the Rep.



Is there any way in SPRO in order to link the installment to other dates rather than to actual billing date? (i.e. planned billing date, custom date field)


Thanks in advance