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Overwrite existing query

François Gyöngyösi
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We would like to be able to handle modification of BW query directly in Production. However, we would like to control this process. We imagined the following process:


- Copy the query to modify

- Make change to this copy and test it

- If test are successful, overwrite the original query with the modified copy


We would like to keep the original query because it may be embedded in workbook or web template.



However, this process doesn't work because it is not possible to overwrite an existing query. Has anybody imagined another process to handle this situation ?


Many thanks.



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    vamsi talluri
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       I guess overwriting of query is not possible only the steps one and two which u do will work....i.e copy the query and change it according to your wish but u cant overwrite this changed one on the original...

    because the changed one may not have all the things in the original... the technical  name can be twice...



    only thing to recover technical name also is to delete the original ...copy the changed one with the technical name of the original now( it allows as original is deleted.)





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    François Gyöngyösi
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    Please note that you cannot delete query if it is embedded in an Excel workbook because the workbook contains the internal ID of the query and not its technical name. That's why we want (if possible) to keep the original query.


    What I am looking for are some examples of a formal process for modifying queries directly in production (a process that also handles associated workbooks or/and web templates).





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      Rahul Bharij
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      Were you ever able to get a solution for your issue of overwriting a query. I have the same requirement - keep the name of the query same so that none of the workbooks are impacted.



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        Arun Varadarajan
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        Changing queries directly in production is usually fine - but then you might run into issues when you try and transport the same query across the landscape...




        might be of help....

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          magge kris
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          Hi Arun,


          hi  Arun.


          I have very complex Query in Quality .. Production.


          1) I have created one RKF directly in Quality with out techical name

          2) I have created one formula directly in Quality with out techical name

          3) Hidden some RKF in Query Properties in Quality Directly.



          I know what changes i made . Next when i am transporting Do i face any issue.



          Since it is very very complex Query, i do not want to take a chance.



          1) shall i delete the RKF & Formula, unhide the RKF  that i created in Quality

          and recreate it in Dev and transport it to Quality then to Production.


          2) Or Can i create the same RKF ,Formula , hide the RKF which is presently

          hidden in Quality and transport it with out deleting the above in Quality.


          ( assuming that ,i will overwrite .. I saw your blog , it does not overwrite)



          What is the best way to make the next transport successful.





          Advance thanks


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    Noribeth Bajenting
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    is the original query available in your test system and is it exactly the same as the one in production?

    if yes, then i guess you have kept the original copy in place (only that it is in the test system and when your query in production

    screws up, you need to retransport the query from the test system).


    You may also want to copy the query to another query name and edit the original copy. that way you can revert back to the original design based on the copied query. just make sure you properly document the changes you will be making.


    i don't think the changes you will be doing will be that complicated if you only touch the query designer and if you are only changing one query.