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SOAP Adapter : The action must be retried

Varun Goel
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We have a scenario SOAP ->IDOC where 3rd party user is trying to upload files related to SDPICKS using the SOAP URL. But it is failing at their end with the message:

"The action must be retried  - URL:http://******:50000/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?channel=:************:CC_SOAP_SENDER_ConfirmationOfLoad - SOAPAction:""

Channel : CC_SOAP_SENDER_ConfirmationOfLoad


Initially we suspected the size of the message, however the message size is 39.3KB with 101 number of Delivery lines in the payload and we can see successful messages with 100 delivery lines going through XI system.


Please can anyone advise why these are failing as other messages are being sent through ?