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New to Materials Management / Warehouse Management?

Arif Mansuri
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Hello Guys,


<b>Base rule:

- DO NOT WRITE FEEDBACK/REMARK / QUERY</b> in this thread. Write in saperate thead. <b>This thead is for INFORMATION ONLY.


- BEFORE posting NEW thread, use "search forum" functionality on the top of this forum.


- DO NOT ask for Blueprint document, try to understand that Blueprint is very confidential document


- DO NOT ask copyright SAP training material or SAP Press books.</b>


I observed many thread asking for basic introduction for SAP / Materials Management / Warehouse Management.


I <b>invite all the experts to share links</b> for website / online documents which basically talks about the FAQs and basic information required for new comer. This will help us to avoide repeatation of threads.


<b><a href="">Business Benifits of SAP</a></b>


<b><a href="">Basic information</a></b>


<b>Re: ASAP and Solution Manager</b>


<b><a href="">What is Business Configuration Sets (BC Sets)?</a></b>


<b><a href="">Baseline Scenario and Baseline Configuration List for SAP Best Practice</a></b>


<b>Processwise Information</b>


<b><a href="">1a. Concepts and process of Purchasing</a></b>


<b><a href="">1b. Vendor Evaluation</a></b>


<b><a href="">2. Concept and process of Inventory management</a></b>


<b><a href="/people/community.user/blog/2007/05/04/physical-inventory-in-material-management Physical Inventory Process in Material Management</a></b>


<b><a href="">2b. Split Valuation - How ? Where to use? and What are the settings?</a></b>


<b><a href="">2c.1. Handling Unit Guide</a></b>


<b><a href="">2c.2.Handling Unit Configuration</a></b>


<b><a href="">3. Concept and process of Invoice verification</a></b>


<b><a href="">3a. Complete Guide for Invoice Verification (Including configuration)</a></b>


<b><a href="">4. List of compelete Tcodes in Materials management</a></b>


<b><a href="">5. Batch Management Complete Guide with configuration document</a></b>


<b><a href="">6. Purchase Price Determination</a></b>


<b><a href="">7. Sales Price Determination</a></b>


<b><a href="">Collection of Reports and Best Practice documents</a></b> - Registration is Free


<b><a href="">FAQs on Purchasing</a></b>


<b><a href="">Send Purchase Order to vendor via Email</a></b>


<b><a href="">FAQs on Materials Management</a></b>


<b><a href="">HOW TO - Some basic transactions 1</a></b>


<b><a href="">HOW TO -  Some Basic Transactions 2</a></b>


<b><a href="">How to use Issue management tool - REMEDY</a></b> - Step by step process with screen shot


<b>Warehouse Management</b>


<b><a href="">Complete Configuration Guide on Warehouse Management</a></b>


<b><a href="">Decentralized Warehouse Management</a></b>


<b>MM-FI  interface configuration</b>


<b> [original link is broken] [original link is broken]</b>


<b><a href="">HOW TO PLAN FOR A mySAP™ ERP 2005 UPGRADE</a></b>



<b>Functional Specs</b>


<b>[url=Re: functional spec;What is Functional Specs? Who involves in functional specs? Example of Functional Specs..[/url]</b>




Arif Mansuri