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automatic account determination

ashish jena
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1. material type is  is related to  gl accounts through valuation class. Then how the automatic account determination takes place

when transaction like goods reciept and invoice verification is done. How every aspect of valuation class, value string , valuation grouping code, transaction key, posting key are related to determine exact and accurate account. Please answer...

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    Rakeh singh
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    First Go to Account Determination without Wizard

    1.Define Valuation Control(Here you set valuation Grouping code Active)

    2.Group togather valuation area (Here assignment of Valuation Area/Company code/Chart of Account/Valuation grouping code)

    3.Define Valuation Class

    Here you first define Account category Reference for each & every material type

    Then Assign Valuation Class with Account Category Reference (It will be effect on material master Accounting view)

    Then after Assign Material type with Account category Reference(It would be validate to chose valuation class at the time of creation of material master)

    4.Define Account grouping for Movement type.

    Here Assignment of mvt type with transaction event key

    101          B     A     WE06     1     KBS       

    101          B     E     WE06     1     KBS       

    101          B     V     WE06     1     KBS       

    101     E     B          WE01     3     PRD       

    101     E     B     E     WE06     1     KBS       

    101     E     B     P     WE06     1     KBS       

    101     Q     B          WE01     3     PRD       

    5.Configure automatic posting

    Here configure

    BSX--Inventory posting

    GBB--Ofsetting for Inventory posting

    WRX---Gr/Ir control

    PRD  ---price difference


    Whenever you do Migo then Accounting entries occured

    Stock     a/c   dr----BSX

    Gr/Ir       a/c    cr----WRX


    At the time of Invoice


    Gr/ir          a/c             Dr---wrx

    Vendor     a/c             cr----

    other exp  a/c             cr

    stock         a/c            cr---



    I hope you understood this process.





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    Amitava Bhattacharyya
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    Transaction Keys e.g. BSX, WRX, GBB, PRD, etc. are generalised in value string which is again assigned to movement types. These are predefined  & one cannot change. There are some posting rules also like whether GL A/c need to be determined through valuation class/GL debit & credit/valuation modification/posting key. These posting rules are to be used when generalising G/L accounts in trn keys in OBYC. e.g. for trn key BSX posting keys to be used are 89 & 99. And also one has to assign GLs valuation class & valuation grouping code wise.


    Before this one needs to set valuation level (plant or co code). If valuation grouping code is active then we need to group valuation areas val grp code wise.


    For trn key GBB one needs to use valuation modification also in order to subdivide different offsetting entries to inventory posting.



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    ashish jena
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    how transaction key determines the posting keys.

    Posting keys determine the type of account , credit or debit, and layout of entry screens. Then from where the account number is determined.

    Transaction keys are GBB, PRD, KON etc. These are further subdivided into account grouping(3 letter identifier.). For example GBB into AUF< BSA< INV< VAX etc. So how from here the 2 digit identifier called posting key is determined.

    And how account modification key and account assignment key are involved

    Does the value string and movement indicator some how connected. Does the selection of particular movement type restrict the values for value string. If yes how. If no Why not.

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    Senthil Palaniyandavan
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    HI there


    i would like to put it on simple way


    Company Code- COA

    Material Master - Valuation Class/Valuation Category reference

    Plant- Valuation area or VGC

    T Code+ Mov Type- Transaction Event key

    Acc modifier/AGC/General modifier is a key that allows you to subdivide the number assignements for each transaction key in account determination,,


    (Ex. Offsetting enter for inventory posting is used in diff transactions  such as GI, scrapping and posting the difference in PI)


    Hope it clears





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    Anandh R
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    In SAP every movement of goods is followed by one movement type and movement type trigged transaction event keys.

    G/L account assignment and G/L account assigned to transaction event key in (OBYC).


    In Account Determination, we configure relevant to transactions

    BSX- Raw material Inventory account

    GBB- Raw material consumption account 

    WRX- GR/IR clearing account             



    For Account Determination there are 5 major criteria's are

    1.Chart of Account,

    2.Valuation Class,

    3.Transaction Event Key,

    4.Valuation Grouping Code,

    5.Account Grouping Code.




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      ashish jena
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      I do understand your point but that wasn,t my question. My question is how to determine the posting keys from the transaction /event key. And do the movement indicator has any impact on the value strings . If no why and if yes how.( I think it do impact but don't know what manner) and thirdly how account modification key is related to the transaction keys that combine to produce a accounting group(logically)

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        Anandh R
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        I cant get you..


        Posting key determines several factors including the:

        Account type

        Type of posting (debit or credit)

        Layout of entry screens




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          ashish jena
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          hi...actually the posting key determines account type, debit or credit and screen layout...but NOT the account no. So how to determine that account no. How is that account no. determined. If we agree that to every credit and debit a account no. has been assigned then how the posting key is determined from the transaction key.

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            Hi Ashish,

            Your point is linkage between Movt type & Transaction event key how system identifies particular Transaction event key during particular transaction

            In OMJJ for Movt type say 101 go to Account Grouping details you can see the link established as Movt type value updating, Qty updating, Movt type indicator, Value string, Transaction event key & Account modifier.

            Movt type indicator: This indicator is necessary, for example, to enable a distinction to be made between a goods receipt for a purchase order and a goods receipt for a production order. These two goods movements result in different data and account updates in the system.

            Value string: Through the allocation of a posting string to a movement type, the system automatically determines the G/L accounts to be updated in the event of a goods movement.

            And also for third part you can see no Qty updated upon GR this is because of Qty updation is not flagged, which is SAP stand functionality. Hope this helps you.