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.NET Web Service SDK - WEBI Prompts not returned

Rick Schneider
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BOXI R2 is my version.


I am trying to schedule reports through the use of the .NET Web Services SDK, but the reports are failing due to missing prompts when I run them.  When I view the reports in InfoView, I am prompted for information, and each item has a default value.


However, when I try to retrieve the prompts from these WEBI documents through the SDK, its coming back null.


ResponseHolder biprsp = boxi_bip.Get("path://MyReport", null);
boxi_rpts = biprsp.InfoObjects;
InfoObject iobject = boxi_rpts.InfoObject[0];
Webi rpt = (Webi)iobject;
// check the report for prompts
WebiProcessingInfo cur_proc_inf = rpt.WebiProcessingInfo;
if (cur_proc_inf == null)
       System.Console.Out.WriteLine("Report " + rpt.Name + " has no WPI");


In the above code, cur_proc_info is always null, even though if I open the report in InfoView, it prompts me for values.


What am I missing?