Here is the new tool SAP is providing. It is the all new Excel based Reporting using Analysis Office by BO. This new tool for SAP is so amazing and with its interactive multi dimensional analysis, some day it is going to replace SAP's BEX Analyzer and Web Analyzer.

It has a very user friendly interface and much easier environment to design drop down menu's and provides wizard to help the users. This tool provides all the features what the MS Office can be used for. It is just the Excel add-in, wherein you can open multiple queries in multiple tabs with data from different source systems. You can view the latest data by using the refresh option provided. If you want to keep the data unchanged after navigation, you can still save as a regular excel document for further analysis.

You can insert the charts and analyze uning calculations, filters and use many other features provided by MS Office. We have got different options for a developer and end-user.

So far working with this new reporting tool is exciting!!

Abhinay Dandu

New Landscape BI 7.3

Posted by Abhinay Dandu Mar 27, 2012

Well the new buzz word in the world of SAP-BI is the HANA and the BW 7.3.

HANA has never been tested live but with my experiences HANA is the power performance booster. I have tested activating a HANA optimized DSO which has around a 5 Million records and the DSO activated in less than 2 mins.
Still excited about how HANA helps with the huge volumes of Data Loads and Reports.

The HANA optimized schema shows how simplified the modeling is and faster the loads are.

HANA Cube Schema.jpg

How to get a HANA Optimized InfoCube?

In the InfoCube maintanance screen GoTo Menu -> "Conversion to SAP HANA Optimized or via Program RSDRI_CONVERT_CUBE_TO_INMEMORY


Simplified Modeling:

Dimensions as grouping sets of characteristics are still available in the InfoCube modeling, but they are pure metadata now. They donot impact the physical representation on the database which means there will be no more "badely" modelled Infocubes with huge dimension tables and its impact on report and loading performance. There are no more line-item dimensions as all characters are physically line items now, and hence we no more need to set high cardinality flag.

Faster Loading:

Loading in this new schema is faster than the extended star schema of BW. On an average we have seen that loading into HANA-Optimized Infocube is 3-5 times faster than into the standard InfoCubes.


BW 7.3

There are many new things coming with the 7.3.

As a developer, the new 7.3 version with its smarter data flow modeling will remarkable reduce manual effort. It has a new Data Flow generation wizard which would help you to create a simple data flow together with the InfoProvider and any required InfoObjects all at one place.

With the 7.3 we have a new InfoProvider which is the Hybrid Provider which consists of a DSO and InfoObjects and automatically generated dataflow between these two objects. During run time it combines the historic data from the InfoCube with the latest data in DSO to get near real-time reporting before loading the data into the InfoCube.

The InfoCube in this version can be "Symantically Partitioned" based on the characteristics to improve the query performance. With Symantic Partitioning the system automatically generates corresponding modeling objects like the DTP(including respective filter criteria), Transformation and Process Chain aswel.


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