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Whenever we talk to our joint customers, the discussion usually includes the interoperability between SAP NetWeaver Portal and Microsoft SharePoint. Both products are available since several years now and are increasingly being deployed synchronously in the same companies and organizations.

A key question from our customers therefore is:

"How can we integrate both products so that our users have access to the best of both worlds?"

We therefore decided to develop jointly the whitepaper Interoperability between SAP NetWeaver Portal and Microsoft SharePoint Technologies  (17 MB, 181 pages) where we try to give our best to answer this question.

This white paper describes all currently available interoperability options between SAP NetWeaver and Microsoft SharePoint Technologies. Developed jointly by experts from SAP and Microsoft it aims to provide a complete overview over all relevant concepts, technical building blocks and integration scenarios known to date. For key scenarios also detailed How-To chapters can be found in the rear part of the paper.

Consisting of three parts this guide targets all audience involved in portal decisions today:

1. Overview and scenarios – Business Decision Makers, Technical Decision Makers, Architects

2. Conceptual introduction and Architecture – Technical Decision Makers, Architects, Consultants

3. How To’s – Consultants, Developers These scenarios empower IT organizations to provide high-quality services to their internal business customers and reduce the programming and customization effort needed to provide users with access to both environments.

While not all possible topics may be contained in this document, we still believe that some key questions are being addressed. This does not mean that there always is a solution for all desirable interoperability scenarios. But sometimes a clarifying statement like “No, this won’t work.” also can be helpful.

Jul 8., 2008

One topic that was not contained in the whitepaper mentioned above has been addressed in a new whitepaper written by Antje Dziolloss and me. There we show how SharePoint Web Services can be consumed within SAP WebDynpro for JAVA leveraging the Adaptive Web Services Model since this scenario has not been covered. In addition to a simplified administration the sample application shown in this whitepaper also takes advantage of using Single Sign-On.

Click here to download the whitepaper Consuming SharePoint Web Services with SAP Web Dynpro

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