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Spring cleaning at SAP MaxDB: we have just published updates for our SAP MaxDB community edition.

Go to the SDN download area to get the latest SAP MaxDB software packages:

  • SAP MaxDB
  • SAP MaxDB

For a comfortable upgrade from older versions, use the SAP MaxDB Installation Manager (SDBSETUP). If you prefer to use the command line, we also provide the SDBUPD command line wizard for updating the software. Both tools are part of the download packages. For more information, see SAP MaxDB Installation on Microsoft Windows and Linux.

As always, the SAP MaxDB software packages are published under the SAP Community License Agreement for SAP MaxDB: they are available for free. Note that you must not use those software packages for any SAP applications.

So what's new?

SAP MaxDB is the current support package in the 7.6 lifecycle and provides all the latest fixes and performance enhancements. Note that this 7.6 version of the MaxDB software will most likely be the last 7.6 version to be published on the SDN. When the next major SAP MaxDB software versions becomes available, it is planned to remove MaxDB 7.6 from the SDN download area.

SAP MaxDB is the current support package in the 7.7 lifecycle. This version provides, among other things, new features for the database check (internal file directory check) and Database Analyzer (new monitoring views and warnings) as well as improvements to the SQL Optimizer and database kernel (prefetching, improved deadlock analysis).

For more information, see Feature Lists per Database Version

Both SAP MaxDB 7.6 and 7.7 are available for the usual platform set: Windows 32 and 64 bit, Linux 32 and 64 bit, AIX-PPC 64 bit, and Solaris Sparc and x86 (both 64 bit).

Download SAP MaxDB now and join the SAP MaxDB community!

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