Hello Readers,

I will soon begin a semi-aggressive search for a new position. As stated in a previous Blog post, my interest in HCM and HR.Tech has led me to, wanting to pursue a job at SuccessFactors, I have never worked outside of construction. My career needs adjustment though, I feel that I have studied and maintained an updated understanding of the industry to date - but I am still a beginner that needs guidance, my desire to succeed in this field is strong. Once I am given a chance, I realize that I will have to put in the extra work required to take myself to the productive level, Working with a team brainstorming then implementing the consensus sounds like an interesting challenge and a worthwhile pursuit, the nervousness of taking on new responsibility's feels natural and progressive, to make it short - I need this change.


-  If asked, what makes me think that I can add value to an Organization?


I would answer with, sincerity,  creativity, and the desire to nurture the success in others.


-  If asked why I take interest in this industry?


I would answer - Because I believe that technology can improve the workplace and create a easy to understand form of productivity and comfort.


-  If asked what my forward looking statements are to date.


Mobile and Social, we know how accustomed people are to both of these, the future holds a lot for both, how it will add value to the business is going to be subject to individual and group concerns.


I take this approach with a humble and open attitude, please wish me well and offer advice if you can.




As mentioned in the previous post, I'm new to posting anything except an entry on popular social media sites. I feel that I am starting to have a grasp on my hopes and goals with my education, which is unfinished formally, I am a high school/college drop out, I started working on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, at 18 as a Residential Electrician/Janitor, Got Snowed out in the 93/94 winter, Headed back down the hill, took GED, and Enrolled in Yuba College where I started chipping off my GE requirements, My friend invited me to move to Roseburg Oregon, to travel and work as a Landscaper, it was a special and spiritual time, where we traveled East across the country seening many sites including, Banff, Lake of the Woods,Montreal Ecodome, Niagra falls, The World Trade Center, Cornell University and many other urban environments and prairie land. I eventually returned to Yuba College and actually completed some units, worked for a government agency subcontractor, Forest Service, and Cal-Trans Labor, and then jumped ship when we were working on hwy.28 reforesting for Erosion control, I still see the trees we planted on Dollar Hill and in Tahoma, but I was offer a job as an Electrician and started in. This was the start of a long steady run of installations up at the lake, I transfered to another Contractor in Incline Village, and started getting serious with the craft. Eventually I headed back down to the Home area, where I worked on many neat projects then started taking night classes in GE and Performing Arts - I worked on sound and lighting for live theatre till late. This pattern continued until I travel to Stead army base and "wired" a hangar eventually I joined IBEW lo.340 in Sacramento, and kept working, the Economy was Booming to say the least, I worked on some very advance projects including Tier 3 Data Centers and a high voltage switch yard for WAPA, Moved to Lafeyett in the East Bay Area, where I took the BART to SF, where I worked on more cool spaces, It was DOT com Mania, and even tradesmen were extremely involved for many long hours. After 9/11 things changed in the city, due to the political nature of Union work, I headed back to Sacramento. I worked very hard on the City of Sacramento domestic water treatment plant, this project was very difficult but do-able. My career carried on through some difficult times, I was granted to Opportunity to go to Chico State University, I studied Recording Arts and Communiction Design, I could have been a better student but I did learn quite a bit.

  My career as an Electrician continued, I traveled back to the Lake Tahoe area, and Reno where I worked on Montbleu and The Mattewson IGT Knowledge center, I really enjoy the gratification of this project, it's a really cool place to learn. Then on to more and more projects, My career began to slow, I started studying HR tech. Energy Efficiency, HCM, and a whole host of BI processes including analytics, and Emerging Tech. I was immediately inspired by the possibilitys of Mobile, I had been using my "cell" since approximately 1996 or 97, and this tool was very value to our functions. I began Brainstorming some deas that were never acknowledged, but continued studies at home, this slowdown in our  economy was felt by everyone and still hasn't fully recovered , at this point I had come to enjoy this "tailored" education and continue to plan for the futures responsibilitys, I am frequently hopeful that more creations will come to market

Thanks for your patience.


I realize that I am a laggard when it comes to blogging, but I have Learned quite a bit about IT, BI, ERP, CRM, KSAOCs, HR, HCM, etc., from others.I have worked as an Electrician for my whole adult life, I am now 37 years old. My goal with these study's is to have a JOB that I can age a little more gracefully with, my likeness for SAP has grown substantially since I have warmed up to the culture and openness of the Organization.

I hope that at some point, I can use my skills and imagination in positive ways to help the industry and its many moving components.

Thanks for the opportunity.