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The existing SAP Change and Transport System (Change and Transport System) has grown over the years from early R/3 days into what it is today - a stable and proven solution for managing and transporting changes in the SAP ecosystem. As part of this evolutionary development CTS+ was introduced in 2007 as an enhancement for transporting changes across technology stacks. We intend to take the same iterative path to scale CTS even further.

Even in midsized business organizations IT landscapes tend to be rather large, diverse and complex. Software changes in such an environment demand for well educated administrators, project managers and developers. But without a solid, yet flexible tool base, even the best staff will not be able to handle change projects in a transparent way. Our goal is to deliver exactly this reliable tool base. Central CTS is planned to be the technological basis for that.

In order to give you the opportunity to learn more about the foundation of the next generation of transport tools, we would like to offer a technology preview in the form of a white paper that introduces the main concepts behind central CTS and illustrates them for a simple, yet illuminating scenario. The white paper is available for download here on SDN.

We see central CTS as the technological basis for the next generation of our products. As such, it should gratify your needs and solve your actual day to day problems. Consequently, we would like to get in touch with you, gather your feedback and let you take part in the development of central CTS. Please feel free to provide any feedback and ask questions in the comment section. Every comment will help us create the best product we possibly can!


Update 2014: Hey SAP-nerds, some years have passed by and we have made so progress in the cCTS and ChaRM area! Check out the latest news,  here!



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