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This weblog provides source code for creating value help enabled input fields and select-option ranges. The value help is automatically determined based on the data type passed to it unless a custom value help table is passed. The value help supports all field types and even works for InfoObjects.

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Source Code


Rather than provide an exhausting set of screenshots and source code to sort through, I have created a couple of SAPLink nuggets for installing the extension. Everything you will need is available on my Google Code repository. If at this point you are wondering what I'm talking about, you should start by reading about and installing SAPLink.

The source code is split into three nuggets. Here is the breakdown of what each contains.

+    DDic Types+


            • +


+                • ZHELPTABCOMPONENT

                • ZHELPTABCONTROL

            • <b>Table Types </b>


                • ZHELPTABCONTROLTAB

+    Core objects of value help extension +


            • <b>Classes</b>

                • ZCL_PTY_VALUE_HELP


                • ZCL_ZPTY_BSPEX_F4INPUT


                • ZCL_ZPTY_BSPEX_F4RANGE


+BSP Applications +

                • ZPTY_VALUEHELP


+BSP Extensions +

                • zpty_bspEx

+    Example BSP using value help extension +


            • BSP Applications

The automatic value help method GET_HELPVALUES_AUTO is based on the wonderful weblog by Thomas Jung : BSP Value Input Help Popups Version 3.0



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