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Dennis Howlett

Voice of the Customer: ECOVER

Posted by Dennis Howlett in dahowlett on Jan 19, 2010 6:57:04 AM

Last week I recorded a video with ECOVER, a cleaning products company based in Belgium that is present in 26 countries.

The company has implemented All-in-One. While it is early days (the system has been going live in phases since April 2009), they are seeing benefits in the following areas:

  1. Ability to support future growth having already grown 5x in the last 10 years and tripled the workforce
  2. Optimizing working capital with planned inventory reduction, shortened receivables and optimized payables.
  3. Encouraging planning production from the view of sales forecasts rather than historical inventory analysis

In the video, Philippe Lannoy, the company's financial manager talks about the needs, challenges and benefits achieved to date. I would have preferred more hard figures but then the company is in the relatively early stages of seeing what SAP delivers. 

A few points come out that I see time and again among customers:

  1. The critical role te right partner plays in implementing small and mid-market solutions
  2. The oft under-estimated time needed to get things done (with the attendent stress!)
  3. The impact that a large project has on the organization
What do you think? Are these the kinds of thing that you see? Anything crucial missed?



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