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Ed Herrmann

Toolbar for SDN geeks

Posted by Ed Herrmann in ed.herrmann on Mar 4, 2007 2:33:45 PM

This weekend, there was an interview on the ScobleShow with Reena Jadhav, the chief marketing officer at Conduit. Conduit is a free service that allows you to create customized browser toolbars for a website or online community. It sparked my interest and after tinkering around for an hour or so, I created a toolbar for my favorite online community, SDN. =) In the end, I found it useful and fun to play with, so I thought others may like it as well.

This is just something I threw together on a rainy Saturday afternoon, so feel free to download it and submit comments & ideas for improvement. Without further ado, I present to you the browser toolbar for fellow SDN geeks.


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