Hello everyone,

As many might already know, ABAP101.com blog is lauching its 1st ABAP Championship. (1st ABAP Championship - Get ready!)

In this weblog, you'll find everything you need to know to start the competition in 100 m/s. So let's Warm-up!

What should I install?

ABAP AS Trial (Also know as "MiniSAP")

One of the objectives of the championship is to allow you to pratice ABAP using a very particular way. Obviously, I suggest you to use a trial version of the ABAP AS during the competition instead the servers of the company you work for ;-)

Flavio Furlan (creator of ABAP101.com blog) made a very good video showing the installation of the Trial version. Check it out.


When the competition start, a set of SAP objects will be provided in .nugg file(s). It will be mandatory to have SAPLink installed to be able to import them to your AS. You can check its documentation here in SDN and check Flavio's post in ABAP101 about it.


What should I study?

Object-oriented Programming

Basically, you will need to code one class which implements an interface which will also be provided. If you don't know what this means exactly, study Object-oriented Programming using ABAP Objects as much you can. Moreover,  you class will need to follow some prerequisites to allow it to be qualified for the competition. Despite the fact of these prerequisites will be very simple, their fundamentals are very important and need to be understood. 

Reading ABAP Help for command CREATE OBJECT can help you a lot if read through and through. Not forgetting that ABAP101 blog have a special category for ABAP Objects. You can check it before the competition begin.

ABAP Units

Know how to interpret, create and execute unit testing using ABAP Units can bring you a very big advantage for the competition. Having such knowledge, will also help you to create programs with more quality in the company you work for.

ABAP101 have two amazing examples for its use. Check Calculator example and practice what you learned using Jan-Ken-Pon game. (Jan-Ken-Pon is one of the many good games avaiable in ABAP Games project in Code Exchange).


If you have any question regargin the warming-up stage, don't forget to comment, ok ;-)?

Stay tuned. Soon we will publish championship rules.

That's right! The brazilian blog ABAP101 is launching its first ABAP Championship. And you can participate of it coding at your home, with your ABAP AS Trial. 

For sure, this is a BIG opportunity to:

  • Learn/Practice ABAP programming
  • Work under pressure
  • Study and use code of other people
  • Learn and see a lot of WebDynpro 4 ABAP, ABAP Objects, ABAP Units and much more
  • Attain global visibility

Without a shadow of a doubt, who is just starting to learn ABAP or those who have more experience, will have many reasons to join the championship! Don't let this opportunity get away!

Wanna know how to participate?

Stay tunned in my weblog here on SDN, or in ABAP101.com. In the next few days, we are going to publish more details as rules, deadlines and so on.

Tell your coworkers, friends, students, instructors! Tell everybody! As many people participate, bigger and more challenging will be the championship.

If you have any doubt related with this initiative, please comment.

Also, follow @ABAP101 in twitter and like our page in Facebook.


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