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Fareez Ahamed

SCN Makes Me Feel Better

Posted by Fareez Ahamed Oct 29, 2012

Last Thursday (25th Oct 2012) @SAPNorthAmerica had mentioned me on a tweet with a link.



Here is the link.


I opened it and it was a post containing testimonials from SCN users and many of them were member of the months. It had a my picture next my quote about SCN. I didn't remember when and where I mentioned that quote exactly. But I do remember that I did.


SCN has made me feel great by mentioning my quote there and mentioning me on Twitter. Twitter is my personal space and SCN has made me feel special across networks. Not just me, SCN tries to associate itself with everyone individually making a strong  bond. It makes us feel personally connected to SAP and makes our every day work better.


This is not the first time I'm being mentioned. SCN has never failed to appreciate me whenever I made some good contributions here.




Despite being a newbie, things like this provide me great confidence. People in SCN value everyone's knowledge and contribution.


I would like to thank Sylvana Chang, Laure Cetin,  and Chrissy Bryant for continuously working behind this, finding gems among the blogs and tweeting them and also mentioning us. Wish you keep doing this great work.


- Fareez Ahamed




Fareez Ahamed

A Survey for Developers

Posted by Fareez Ahamed Sep 20, 2012

It has always been a quest for every developer to know what the entire developer community thinks. And surveys are the way to find the answer. I have created a survey with the questions that usually many developers have and with simple multi-choice answers so that its easy to take up the survey.


Take up the survey here.




It has seven questions.


1. Technologies or Languages you have worked?

2. Work Experience?

3. Which platform you work in?

4. When you learn new technologies, where do you learn from?

5. Where do you update developer news from?

6. Do you blog developer articles?

7. Are you satisfied with the technology you work in?


It hope it will bring out some good results.

Fareez Ahamed

Bit-'wise' Magic

Posted by Fareez Ahamed Apr 24, 2012

From the day I started operators in C, I had a big doubt 'What is the purpose of bitwise operators?' (When I was at school, with no knowledge about computer science). Most books for C did never care to explain about bitwise operators. Later at college level when I started to understand digital principles, I found the magic of bitwise operators.


So I have done some experiments with the bitwise operators and I already published two of them in ABAP development which fits ABAP in some way(http://scn.sap.com/community/abap/blog/2012/03/26/four-different-characters, http://scn.sap.com/community/abap/blog/2012/04/09/bitwise-can-even-avoid-loops). I got good response for that. I have few more articles at my personal blog regarding bitwise which does not fit into ABAP development. For people who are interested with bitwise, I would like to share the links of my articles.


Bit-'Wise' Magic


Four Different Characters


Feel the Binary Code


Bitwise Can Avoid Loops


Hope you will enjoy, I would try to come up with more.


- Fareez Ahamed K.N.