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Hello everyone,

I recently worked on an issue where the customer was interested in changing the position and size of the ITS widow that opened as a result of a launched transaction. It can be done, but the changes would be considered as modification to SAP standard code.  

You can follow the steps below to change the standard coding in Java Script to control the position/size of the ITS window.

1. Execute transaction SE80
2. from the dropdown select BSP
3. enter UICMP_LTX for the BSP name and hit enter
4. Expand Pages with Flow Logic
5. double click on LaunchTransactionAdmin.js
6. scroll down to line 97 you will see
     ltx_window = window.open(url, ltx_window_name, "resizable=yes");
7. and again at line 113
  ltx_window = window.open(url, ltx_window_name, "resizable=yes")
8. Here is where you can modify JS method window.open to change the size
and position of the ITS window.

You can also do a search on window.open in Google and take a look at some of the examples that might assist you with the coding.


Hello everyone,

While there are many documents that explain how to take advantage of Transaction Launcher functionality in CRM, I personally have not come across one which explains how to troubleshoot it. This article, Almost Everything About Transaction Launcher - Part I, is a humble attempt. Please take a look when you get a chance. You may also visit CRM WIKI where I have included this article in the WebUI FrameWork section. I welcome your comments and suggestions or wish list for Part II.

Happy reading.

Best Regards,

Hasan Zubairi

Hello everyone,

I have come across quite a number of incidents reported by different customers who reported problems configuring Help Center in WebUI. I have written a small WIKI document How to Configure and Enable Help Center in WebUI that goes over all the customizing steps and should resolve the issue. You may also visit CRM WIKI where I have included this article in the WebUI FrameWork section.

I came across this issue a number of times where customers report that when they try to login to WebUI they are prompted to enter their credentials multiple times. Not only that but they also encounter warnings regarding protocol switch (HTTP to HTTPS). The resolution is quite simple. The following needs to be in place :


1. login/accept_sso2_ticket must be set to 1 for Dflt/Profile/Current 


2. login/create_sso2_ticket must be set to 2  for Dflt/Profile/Current


3. Check user type in transaction SU01 -> Logon data tab, check User Type. Usually, it should be "DIALOG". If it is other types, like "SERVICE", it also will cause multiple logon requirement.


4. For warnings during login, check service crm_ui_start for CRM 7.0 and crm_ui_frame for CRM 6.0 (SICF). Open this node and click on tab Error Pages -> scroll down and click on the 'Configuration' button -> under Actions During Logon section, check Do Not Display Warnings.


This should resolve the issue.

I have come across quite a number of incidents reported by different customers who have integrated CRM to be launched from SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal. A lot of times they report that it works on the their INTRANET but not from INTERNET. I have written a small article on SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal, CRM and Domains that should help resolve that issue. You may also visit CRM WIKI where I have included this article in the WebUI FrameWork section.

Hello everyone,

I have come across quite a few issues reported by customers where the WebUI sessions restart. I have written a small article about web sessions restarting with some configuration and debugging steps that will help resolve these issues. You may also visit CRM WIKI where I have included this article in the WebUI FrameWork section.

I have come across a lot of customer issues where they face issues with SS02 cookie being destroyed when they integrate CRM to launch from Portal in a seperate window. I have created the SSO2 Cookie Destroyed - CRM + NetWeaver Enterprise Portal WIKI page with some simple steps that can resolve this. Please let me know what you think

I have come across quite a number of issues where customers state that when they do a search in WebUI they are able to see inactive transactions. Take a look at the screenshots below, transaction “Opportunity Default” is INACTIVE



The behaviour under search functionality is correct. All transaction types (including inactive) should be displayed in the search. The reason behind it is that when transaction type (OPPT) was active, users might have created documents of that type. Later when that transaction (OPPT) is changed to inactive, the search should still be able to display the documents pertaining to erst while active transaction type (OPPT). Therefore the visibility of the inactive transaction types is appropriate. The create button DDLBs however would not display the inactive transactions to avoid further creation.

Test it yourself.

But if you implement Note 1461152 (manual corrections required as well), then you can stop inactive transactions from being displayed.

I receive a lot of questions from customers where they have taken advantage of CRM's Transaction Launcher functionality. What I have noticed most is that while there are lots of documents, articles and guides available that explains step by step configuration, there are hardly any that actually tells you how to debug it. The WIKI page I created actually contains all the steps that I take on a regular basis when debugging a transaction launcher issue. 

You can access the WIKI page by clicking on the link below:

SAP CRM Transaction Launcher to SAP ERP BOR Objects - Debugging

Do let me know if this was of any assistance and any if you would like to see anything similar in the future. Enjoy!!!

I receive a lot of issues from customers where they report that they are unable to open more than 6 WebUI sessions at the same time and when they do the existing ones end.

I have created a child WIKI page in CRM that explains WebUI sessions. You can access the WIKI page by just clicking on the link below:

CRM WebUI & Maximum HTTP Sessions