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The Developer Survival Guide for SAP TechEd Las Vegas is out! Check it out for highlights on special activities for developers like the SAP CodeJam mini-editions as well as hands-on and lecture sessions, pre-conference workshops, InnoJam, and more. We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!





We are very excited to be sponsors of the JAX Conference in Santa Clara this week (June 4 - 5, 2013). If you are attending the conference, make sure to check out the following sessions:


How Cloud and In-Memory computing revolutionised enterprise development

Archaic 6-12 month development cycles are becoming non-existent, as the traditional development landscape has faded away in favor of agile on-demand operations. On-demand cloud platforms (Platform-as-a-Service) have been introduced, able to securely integrate with existing on-premise backend systems. It is now commonplace for development cycles of less than 90 days, and as such developers must adapt and react on a daily basis to changes. This session will demonstrate how SAP is leveraging the power of in-memory database systems coupled with the flexibility of a Java PaaS to help transform development in the enterprise environment.


Date: Tuesday, June 4

Time: 9:55 AM


The New Reality: the Role of PaaS in Technology Innovation

Today, we are in the midst of a mobile, social, and big data revolution – a new era with the promise of never before imagined possibilities. We require a platform that can deliver these required capabilities in an easy to use manner. In-memory computing has becoming the leading solution for how these applications can bring together the huge amounts of varying data now available. You need a platform that offers services to develop real-time applications with mobile, social or big data capabilities. In addition, you need a platform that simplifies and shortens your development time and release cycles; offering you real-time feedback, rather than traditional batch oriented development processes, ensuring you can respond to changing business needs. Learn what to consider when evaluating a PaaS and how you can utilize leading technologies, like in-memory computing, to quickly build and deploy innovative cloud apps that take advantage of, and contribute to, the real-time big data revolution.


Date: Wednesday, June 5

Time: 1:30 PM


In addition, stop by our booth to meet the team and see some of the apps that have been built on SAP’s cloud platform (SAP HANA Cloud). Also, experience SAP HANA, SAP’s in-memory database platform, via a demo focusing on capturing telemetry data from a McLaren Formula One race video (over 16,000 records per lap) and processing it to show the impact of the race in real-time.



While you are at the booth, make sure to drop your business card for a chance to win a Sphero robot ball.


We look forward to seeing you there!

You have probably already seen our offering to get a free 30-day trial on SAP HANA. What you may not be aware of is that SAP is collaborating with CloudShare to make SAP HANA available to developers ON THE CLOUD. What does this mean? How is this ‘lowering the barriers of entry’? Let’s take a look:

  1. There is no need for developers to install or configure anything to get started
  2. It takes 60 seconds to get the SAP HANA environment up and running – including the SAP HANA Studio Developer Edition
  3. Developers can use it all in the cloud, or use a local installation and connect to the cloud
  4. At any time during the trial, developers can move to the next level by upgrading to a free SAP HANA developer edition


In addition, CloudShare enables developers to collaborate with other developers and colleagues, backup their work and when ready, deploy to production.

Check out this quick comparison of an on-premise installation of SAP HANA and a cloud-based SAP HANA environment:


If you were holding back because you thought it would take too long to get setup, click here to sign up for your SAP HANA free trial on the cloud.

Learn more about how SAP is working with CloudShare here.

Do you have a team of developers? Then, you’re sitting on a goldmine!


During the past few years, research analyst firm Redmonk has pointed out the importance of developers referring to them as the new kingmakers. This renewed interest on developers recognizes the role that they play in driving the adoption of new technologies and powering innovation within companies.


Just like consumers drove the adoption of new devices at work a few years back, developers today have access to the latest database, mobile and cloud technologies, and are becoming productive on those technologies within minutes. Leveraging your developer’s natural curiosity for new technologies and their skills to integrate them to build enterprise apps can be a win-win for you, your developers, your company, your customers, and everyone else in your ecosystem.


Consider the following situations for a minute: imagine if you take your biggest consumer challenge, give your developers access to the HANA cloud and ask them to put a new consumer experience site together. Or, challenge your developers to take your data of the last 15 years, put it all into a HANA box, and see what they can get out of it.The development possibilities are endless - give it a try! 


If you are attending SAPPHIRE in Orlando in May, stop by the SAP for developers table (DT601 – Develop and Innovate with SAP HANA) in the Database & Technology campus to talk to our evangelists about developer programs, use cases, how your developers can get started, how they can learn new technologies, and more.


In addition, check out the sessions and activities highlighted in the Survival Guide below which focus on the development of apps on the different platforms, creating engaging user experiences, opportunities to meet with the experts and talk about app development on a specific technology, test drive areas to check out some of the latest apps, etc.




Download in pdf format.


We look forward to seeing you there!




Connect with us:

Twitter: @SAPdevs

Google Plus: SAP for Developers

EventFeature_20130410_3.jpgFor the first time ever, SAP will be participating as a sponsor of the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Beijing. The event will take place on April 10th and 11th and SAP’s developer evangelists will be at SAP’s booth (#E124) with information about programs and initiatives available to developers in China. If you (or someone you know) are attending this event, stop by the booth to learn about:


  1. SAP for developers:
    1. SAP HANA: learn how to build apps that analyze massive volumes of data in real-time using SAP HANA. Find out how to bring your apps to market through the SAP HANA Marketplace or the SAP HANA Startup program.
    2. SAP NetWeaver Gateway: a technology that enables developers with no SAP knowledge to build apps in their native development environment (e.g. Eclipse – Java and Android, Xcode – iOS, Microsoft Visual Studio - .NET, etc.) and connect them to SAP systems.
    3. Free developer licenses and trials: find out how to sign up for free developer licenses and trials available to developers in China and how to get started.
  2. SAP for partners: learn more about SAP’s partner ecosystem and how to benefit from the collaboration with SAP as a mobile apps partner or by joining the SAP HANA apps partner program.
  3. SAP for students:  if you are a student and are hungry to learn more about cutting-edge technologies but have never heard of SAP before, discover what SAP University Alliances is readily offering to students in China today and how you can try enterprise class software and solutions from SAP by yourself.
  4. SAP for customers: learn about customers in China, such as Nongfu Spring, who have successfully implemented SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA using Intel’s infrastructure. Find out about the types of apps that businesses need (e.g. use cases) and how you as a developer can help businesses innovate.


For more information about SAP’s participation at IDF, visit: http://bit.ly/13YfQzT (in Chinese).


To learn more about SAP’s collaboration with Intel on big data solutions centered on SAP HANA and Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software, please read: http://bit.ly/ZEloqy (in English)


Meet: Jovan, Ainsley, Thomas and Conrad. Four students from the UK that participated at last year’s SAP YRS Festival of Code and won the SAP Award for ‘Best in Show’ with their SmartMove mobile app. The YRS (Young Rewired State) Festival of Code is a one week event where student coders 18 and under get together in groups and build a mobile or web-based app with the help and support from volunteer developers and mentors from all over the UK.


The SAP award included a trip to an SAP or industry event for developers which they got to do earlier this month. They flew first to Walldorf for a day tour of the SAP campus (SAP headquarters) including the SAP Data Center in Rot. The campus tour started with a tele-presence call with Thomas Grassl, head of SAP’s Developer Relations team, who was in Palo Alto at the time (it was midnight for him!) but wanted to welcome the group as he had previously met them during last year’s YRS hackathon (he was one of the judges).



Then they met with Jochen Keller and Philipp Weiss from the HR corporate team who had a couple of activities prepared for the group: first off, a visit to the SAP Pavilion to learn about SAP’s 40 year history through interactive displays. Then, a tour of the collaboration rooms where developers get to collaborate with one another as well as with end users, designers, etc. in order to build better and user friendly apps. Lastly, Jochen and Philipp gave them an overview of SAP’s internship opportunities.


After lunch, the group headed to Rot for a tour of SAP’s data center. Tobias Baro welcomed them and talked to them about SAP’s security practices for both the data and the infrastructure they have there. He walked the group through the different spaces in the data center conversing with them about data speeds, server capacity, backup plans, etc. Needless to say, the students were very excited and impressed with SAP’s technology and security measures!


The next day, the group attended CeBIT in Hannover, one of the largest tech fairs in the world. Their first impression: “This is much bigger than anything I’ve ever seen before,” says Ainsley. “It took us 15 minutes just to get to the SAP stand!” (http://www.sap-cebit.de/en/watch-out-super-talent/). The group got to experience the SAP HANA energy consumption interactive demo, sat at the driver’s seat in the SAP-BMW connected car display and saw the latest SAP mobile apps hosted in the Samsung exhibit. They also had time to walk around and check some of the other exhibitors at the event.


Keep an eye out for these four young coders! They are serious about their craft and interested in continue to learn about SAP’s technology, platforms and opportunities for developing really amazing apps.


Lasting impressions…


There are lots of new technologies that might make it easy for young developers to start and build better apps than they already can. Conrad


Fostering innovation and development of new products through AppHauses – an impressive concept for innovation. Tom


We talked with one of the developers who talked to us about lowering barriers of entry to developers making free stuff available to them – we have many options. Ainsley


It’s impressive to see that SAP is trying to get people to work together and collaborate better through friendly spaces. Jovan


Watch this short video about their thoughts on SAP's developer programs: http://youtu.be/3IgWOrRtM9c





SAPDevCenter.pngYou asked for more, so we’re giving you more. We’re adding Sybase developer tools and resources to the SAP Developer Center.


Sybase provides infrastructure tools to companies that want to build their own systems. For developers interested in enterprise app development, this means that SAP now has many new developing tools available for you to expand your capabilities and create really powerful and innovative apps!


Join us for this webcast to become highly productive using SAP’s Sybase developer products. Learn from Sybase Product Managers as they talk about:


  • Resources for building agile database apps  
  • Powerful transactional RDBMS
  • How to deal with massive volumes of structured and unstructured data
  • How to synchronize data between remote systems
  • Popular industry scenarios


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the capabilities and resources of Sybase developer tools. Products highlighted during the webcast will include PowerBuilder, SAP Sybase ASE, SAP Sybase IQ, SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, and SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor.


REGISTER: http://bit.ly/V4mJ8C


Join the conversation

Use #SAPQA to send your questions, initiate a discussion or simply follow the conversations. To explore the different Sybase products available to developers, visit the SAP Developer Center.

Based on Blag’s recommended sessions for developers participating at SAP TechEd Madrid 2012, here is the Developer Survival Guide to help you put together a great agenda and make sure that you don’t miss out on any opportunities to meet with the experts, network with other developers and participate in special activities. Take a look at the guide and have a great time in Madrid!




Developer Survival Guide Madrid.png

If you missed the morning’s keynote with Vishal Sikka, member of the SAP Executive Board Technology & Innovation, here are some of the top highlights as they relate to developers:


  • Free unlimited developer licenses for SAP NetWeaver Cloud: to get your license and start building your next cloud app right away, visit the SAP NetWeaver Cloud Developer Center.
  • SAP HANA One on AWS: SAP HANA One is a single HANA instance hosted on AWS that can be provisioned instantly. Customers and partners can build or deploy on-demand applications on top of this SAP HANA database instance, and provide the resulting apps to end users for productive use. To learn more, click here.
  • SAP HANA Academy: with over 125 how-to videos, this channel offers tutorials for beginners and experts to learn all about HANA. Watch.
  • SAP Database & Technology Academy: offering 90+ how-to videos for developers to learn about SAP’s database and technology portfolio including SAP Sybase ASE, SAP Sybase IQ, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Enterprise Information Management, and more. Watch.
  • To watch the full session as it was streamed live, click here.


In addition, SAP introduced SAP HANA Cloud, one of the industry’s first in-memory cloud platforms. Read the press release here


When visiting the Exhibit Hall, start by visiting the Application Development on SAP HANA table (in the HANA area), meet Jordan Cao, SAP HANA developer expert and ask him anything related to HANA! 




Go to the Mobile area and test drive some of the latest mobile apps.



Continue on to the Clubhouse, meet the team at the SAP Developer Center connections pod and attend the sessions at the Clubhouse Theater.

SAPDevCtr1.JPG   ClubhouseTheater1.JPG

While you are at the Clubhouse, get a beverage at the Coffee Bar and spend some time at the Run Better Speedway.


Participate in the Expert Networking Lounge sessions and learn about all the programs, licenses, events, use cases, tools and resources available to developers to quickly get up to speed and start building enterprise apps.



Here is the Developer Survival Guide with all the highlights for Day 2. We hope to see you at the Developer Connection After-Party tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6 PM at the Clubhouse!

As a follow up to Blag's blog with the recommended sessions for developers attending SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2012, here is your Developer Survival Guide. The guide includes information previously mentioned about technical and educational sessions as well as highlights on opportunities to interact with the experts, networking activities, the Developer Connection After-Party, where to go for developer programs specific info (e.g. cloud, mobile, HANA, etc.), and more. Check out the guide and have fun in Vegas!




Developer Survival Guide.png



Here is the replay of the forum: http://bit.ly/Psg7hS

Here is a copy of the slides: http://slidesha.re/Y3DFzw


Get inspired!


To stay up to date on upcoming events for developers, follow @sapdevs.




This is an invitation for developers in the Bay Area:



JamesGovernor.jpg“Developers are the new Kingmakers ... It’s great times for developers and engineers, whether in Silicon Valley or the Fortune 500,” says James Governor, Principal Analyst and co-founder of RedMonk.


Join us on Monday, September 17 from 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. at the SAP Labs Campus in Palo Alto (3410 Hillview Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, Building 1) as James Governor shares his perspective about how developers have become one of the most important constituencies in IT, deciding what platforms win and influencing which brands succeed. James will also talk about what has changed in the industry and share his insights and experience related to the issues and expectations that face developers daily. He will also discuss current trends and opportunities for enterprise app development on mobile, in-memory and cloud platforms.



If you are interested in enterprise app development, have questions about opportunities or where the industry is heading please join us and get inspired by this engaging “developer to developer” chat.



To attend, please register. This event is free and open to the public.





Official Biography

James Governor is co-founder of RedMonk, the open source analyst firm, which specializes in developer advocacy and analytics. Based in Shoreditch, London, he advises enterprises, startups and major companies such as IBM and Microsoft on developer-led innovation, community and technology strategy. He is also proud to have open source non-profit organizations such as the Apache Software Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation as clients. James is co-author of the O’Reilly publication Web 2.0 Design Patterns: what architects and entrepreneurs need to know.

Share your knowledge, show your coding skills. SAP recently launched a new educational video series called SAP CodeTalk - Insights from Developer to Developer. The videos feature developers showing how they code their apps using an SAP technology or a technology that integrates with SAP. Each video is 10 to 15 minutes long and is published to our YouTube playlist (SCN Channel/SAP CodeTalk playlist).


We are currently looking for proposals for future CodeTalks. The only requirement is that your app uses an SAP technology or a technology that integrates with SAP. If you have an app that fits this prerequisite and you would like to share your knowledge and show how you coded your app, please send a brief description of the app and the technologies you used to sapcodejam@sap.com.



Read the SAP CodeTalk intro blog.

Watch previous episodes of SAP CodeTalk:



SAP CodeTalk: Developing mobile apps with Appcelerator Titanium and SAP Mobile Platform



SAP CodeTalk: Developing mobile apps with Sencha Touch and SAP Mobile Platform


Learn more about SAP technologies, tools, and resources available to developers at the SAP Developer Center.

We are excited to launch a new video series called SAP CodeTalk. As implied by its name, the videos feature a short interview with a developer who briefly introduces a topic or use case of his/her interest and then shows how he/she codes the application. The videos are 15 minutes long and include the coding process from beginning to end – with the code available for download. 


The first two videos in the series feature SAP mobile partners Appcelerator and Sencha. Let’s take a look at their CodeTalk:



Developing mobile apps with Appcelerator Titanium and SAP Mobile Platform


In this talk, Matt Schmulen of Appcelerator demonstrates how Appcelerator Titanium uses the SAP ODATA channel to create native mobile cross platform business apps. Throughout the talk, Matt discusses the value of the integration and demonstrates an example development of a flight app connecting to a flight data stream from SAP showcasing a rich customer application.



Watch the video.

Download the code.



Developing mobile apps with Sencha Touch and SAP Mobile Platform


In this talk, Edmund Leung and Tommy Maintz of Sencha demonstrate how Sencha Touch 2 can be used with the SAP ODATA channel to create HTML5 based mobile business apps. Throughout the demonstration, they cover the value of the integration, the Sencha Touch data package, and the OData proxy which allows creating, deleting and updating information using SAP Mobile Platform.



Watch the video.

Download the connector (Code sample included).


Want to have your own SAP CodeTalk?  Are you passionate about sharing your code with others? If you have an interesting use case or an application that you have developed using an SAP technology and would like to share it with the community, submit your request here.

Helena Losada

Resources for YRS 2012

Posted by Helena Losada Jul 13, 2012


To get help with any SAP tech, especially SAPUI5, you can get in touch with our remote mentors by using the #SAPYRS hashtag either on Twitter or on Google+. We have scheduled Google+ Hangouts twice daily - at 11 AM and 3 PM local time - where you can join in and ask your questions. You can also track and join the conversations here:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23SAPYRS

Google+: https://plus.google.com/s/%23SAPYRS


Have a great time and good luck!



SAP is proud to be the head sponsor of this year’s YRS Festival of Code. We are excited about the competition and what each one of you will be able to create. As a multinational software corporation, we make software that is used by organizations to manage their business operations and customer relations. Our developers are key in creating applications and software solutions that our customers can use to be successful in their fields. As a young developer participating in this event, you’ll have the opportunity to get in contact with some of our experts and learn directly from them.


To prepare for this exciting competition, check out the following resources that will help you get started on building engaging front ends for mobile and web apps based on HTML5 and JavaScript: 


1. Evaluation Package for UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 – Download Package


    The package includes:

  • A ‘demo kit’ application with documentation, samples and test suites
  • The runtime plus control libraries for Java servers and static web servers
  • SAPUI5 Application Development Tool to create SAPUI5 applications including wizards, templates, and previews


2. Getting started with SAPUI5 – Read blog


    This blog provides step by step instructions on how to set up a Beta version of SAPUI5 for use in Visual Studio and create a demo SAPUI5 app that retrieves data from the sales order management system (SAP ERP Sales Orders) and combines it with issues tracked in a SharePoint list.


3. SAPUI5 says “Hello OData” to NetWeaver Gateway – Read Blog


    This post describes how SAPUI5 can be used to connect to SAP NetWeaver Gateway and consume data from an SAP system using OData. If you have an OData source, it's easy to bring information into your SAPUI5 controls. Read on for more info!


4. Using SAPUI5 on Neo (Cloud) – my blog series from developer to developer – Read Series


    Get first hand advise when working with SAPUI5 and SAP’s Cloud Platform (formerly referred to as Neo). The two blogs in the series will provide you with tips and tricks to get around issues that you may get into.


Bookmark this page as we will be posting examples and additional resources in the next few weeks!


Use social media for additional support


SAP experts will be on hand to answer any questions via Twitter and G+ hangouts during the week of the event. Please make sure to use #SAPYRS when tweeting your questions (you may start using the hashtag now) or look for the Google Plus - SAP YRS Hangouts (we will have two sessions every day - the schedule will be posted shortly). 


Have you heard of SAP before?


SAP is a multinational software corporation headquartered in Germany that makes enterprise software (software used in organizations) to manage business operations and customer relations. The company offers a wide variety of software products such as enterprise resource planning applications (for the key business functions in an organization – e.g. Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, etc.), enterprise data warehouse solutions (databases for reporting and analysis), mobile solutions (mobile applications, mobile platforms, etc.), and business intelligence solutions (for performance management, planning, reporting, information management, etc.), among other products.


The tools mentioned in this blog are used by SAP developers in the development of business apps. Our devs will be on hand for the next couple of weeks to answer any questions you may have (please use #SAPYRS if you are using Twitter or post your questions in the Comments section at the end of this blog).


We are looking forward to the festival and wish everyone good luck and happy coding!

SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 is now available to the general public! With the release of the solution, SAP is also offering a 90-day Gateway trial version for developers. In addition, join the pre-release program for the Adobe Flash Builder Plug-In for Gateway.  And, if you have what it takes to be a winner, submit your nomination for the SAP Train Race ASAP. Here are the details:

SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 GA

After a successful ramp-up program, SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 is now available to the general public. SAP NetWeaver Gateway helps companies connect front-end experiences such as Facebook, Twitter, interactive web applications, and mobile devices (with Sybase Unwired Platform) to their mission critical SAP business applications. The solution has proven to be an enabler for quick solution development as well as a promoter of innovative ideas. Expect more information about the release and customer momentum in the coming weeks.

90-Day Pre-Packaged Trial Version

SAP is offering a 90-day pre-packaged trial version of Gateway. The trial allows developers to set up an SAP NetWeaver Gateway environment and start developing applications in just 1 hour. The environment contains the SAP NetWeaver ABAP Web Application Server and the SAP NetWeaver Gateway add-on. The trial offers a Linux and a Windows version.

To download a copy of the trial and start developing, visit: http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/gateway?rid=/webcontent/uuid/90b292cc-a2d7-2e10-709d-9fba966a6937

Adobe Flash Builder Plug-In for Gateway

The Adobe Flash Builder plug-in for Gateway will be available soon! The plug-in provides support for the development of Flex Mobile and Web applications that can browse, interact, and consume SAP NetWeaver Gateway Services.

If you are interested in working with the Flash Builder Plug-in, join the pre-release program: http://prerelease.adobe.com/callout/?callid=4E369AEBD1D4412EBDF27FE67DECE19D

To watch a demo, visit: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/adobe-technology-sneaks-2011/flash-builder-gateway-design-time-demonstration/

FAQ: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashbuilder_sap/

SAP Train Race: 2 countries. 72 hours. 50 Developers. 1 Fast Train.

Have you ever coded at a speed of 155 mph? This 3-day developer challenge includes a pre-training in Paris that will focus on highly compelling front end applications connecting to SAP systems using the SAP NetWeaver Gateway. The final round of the contest will take place in Madrid where the winners will be selected and featured during SAP TechEd Madrid. The event is sponsored by Microsoft and Adobe who will provide tools and support to use their technologies in conjunction with SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

When? November 4th to 7th from Paris to Madrid

For further details and to submit your nomination, visit: www.saptrainrace.com

Webinar: SAP NetWeaver® Gateway - Making development simple to bring SAP applications to your users

Join this webinar to discover how SAP NetWeaver Gateway is helping bring the power of business systems to the user work context, watch a demo showing how front end applications connecting to SAP software can be built in minutes using REST and OData market standards, learn about the architecture and technical implementation considerations, see customers examples, and get insights into creative solutions developed by partners.

When? October 25th, 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT

Register: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/834263186


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