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One of the common problems when using ccBPM (cross-component Business Process Management) in SAP Exchange Infrastructure or SAP Process Integration is that in some error situations the inbound queues in transaction SMQ2 are stopped and set to status ‘SYSFAIL’ with the error message ‘Permanent error in BPE Inbound Processing’.

When this happens all following inbound messages for this Integration Process are stopped as well waiting in the blocked queue. So this is a huge problem for customers and this article describes how to find the reason for this problem by using the Support Tool functionality and gives also advice on how to change the configuration or process definition so that the problem does not happen again.


In transaction SMQ2 there are queues that are named XBQO$PE_WS* or XBPE_WS* on status ‘SYSFAIL’.

‘WS*’ stands here for the task name of the process where the message should be delivered to. In transaction SXMB_MONI there are messages with Outbound Status ‘Message scheduled on outbound side’ (green flag) or ‘Message has error status on outbound side’ (red flag). By clicking on ‘PE’ in column ‘Outbound’ the qRFC Monitor with the blocked queue is shown. When this error happens all following inbound messages for this process type are stopped as well waiting in the blocked queue.

Quick Solution:

Generally in this case SAP Note 1126656 - BPE-TS: Permanent errors in the BPE inbound processing and the SAP Notes it refers to can be recommended, but often the information there is too general, so the procedure to locate the error is explained here in detail.

System Analysis using the Support Tool

To display the stopped queue use transaction SMQ2 or navigate to the stopped queue from transaction SXMB_MONI by clicking on ‘PE’ or ‘SA_COMM’ hotspot in ‘Outbound’ column. Double click the queue name to display the relevant queue where you see the status text ‘Permanent Error in BPE Inbound Processing’as first entry:




By double clicking on this status text, you reach the support tool, which provides all important information about the process and also important functionality for support purposes such as display of trace or the possibility to simulate the message delivery:




First you can execute the function ‘Display Trace’ to check if the trace provides a detailed error description:




When the trace alone does not provide enough information, please return to the Support Tool and execute ‘Simulate Message Delivery’. The Result of Message Delivery Simulation shows then the error during delivery and also the process instance(s) the message would be delivered to if there are any.

It is also possible to display the workflow protocol of the process instance(s).