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You find the download here:

Use WINRAR to unpack the RAR files into one directory NWABAP702TRIAL. Open start.htm and follow the instructions. I did so and it worked!

There are already a lot of sources describing the ABAP news for 7.02, e.g. Thomas Weiss' blog What Is New in ABAP Language, ABAP Workbench, and Enhancement Framework With SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EhP2. In this blog I tell you how the ABAP Keyword documentation (what else ...) can help to improve your 7.02 experience.

The normal way of starting the docu in SAP GUI is F1 in the ABAP Editor, the i-Button in the Editor or simply calling transaction ABAPHELP. (Besides, there is a new way: activate services "/sap/public/bc/abap/docu" and "/sap/bc/abap/docu"in SICF and try program ABAP_DOCU_HTTP_CALL!)

First thing you might notice after starting the docu is, that the input field for search terms is always visible and must not be called by clicking an icon, This has significantly changed the way, how the documentation is used inside SAP:

E.g., you can enter "News" there to find all the fascinating things that have happened in ABAP between Release 7.0/7.01 and 7.02:

But you cannot only read about the news, you can even play around with new features! As of Release 7.02, the ABAP Example Library (formerly known as transaction ABAPDOCU) is fully integrated into the ABAP Keyword Documentation! The source code of existing example programs is embedded into the documentation, can be executed, debugged, and opened in the Editor. The extended search allows a fulltext search in the example source codes.

Another goodie is the display of interactive syntax diagrams that you can use to explore ABAP Statements:

Furthermore, you can set a display language of the documentation for your user that is independent from the logon languge now:


Further improvements affect the hitlist for F1-searches (more precise now), printing and download mechanisms, and internal performance (sharing of common ressources via Shared Objects).

Last but not least, how do you like the new ABAP icon?






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