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Jamie Wiseman

webElements 247 Beta

Posted by Jamie Wiseman Dec 13, 2010

We are currently working on a new version (2.47) of webElements.


There are several new features in this build:

  1. there is a new select control for showing or hiding other webElements controls on a report...see the pictures below.
  2. there is a text box control where you can view the URL that is created by webElements when you press the submit button. this is handy for debugging your opendocument syntax as you can copy and paste the output to a new browser.
  3. the weBuilder function can now handle more data...before the weBuilder function was limited to a total of 64k for all of the controls / elements. now each control can have 64k of output as the weBuilder function can use an array.
  4. the weViewer function has a couple more options to hide some of the toolbar buttons. the Group Tree and the Parameter panel can be hidden as well.




There are a couple of bug fixes as well.


The beta version can be downloaded from here. Press the "View this Code Sample" button to download.


The production version (webElements 2.46) is featured Crystal Reports webElements.


If you would like to test this new beta out then we encourage you to do so plus provide feedback and suggestions by replying to this blog post. Three of the new features are based on requests from you, our SDN community.


Some NOTES on this beta 247 build:


1)  *** Please do not use these functions in your production environment as they are beta functions. If you do use them in your production environment you should test them sufficiently.


2) If you wish to use the new weBuilder method to bring in more data to this function, please see the weBuilder function on the download sample. Note that the allelements collection of controls is an array. Using an array allows each control to be 64k of output. You can still use the old non-array method too, so existing reports don't have to be changed if they are working okay.


3) The new show - hide control and the new URL output control are in the FormControls folder of the webElements custom function library. Both of these new controls are on this 247 beta download.


4) There may be later updates to the 247 beta.

During the SAP 5O5 World Championships (sailboat racing) in Aarhus, we created a Crystal Report to run specifically on the iPad. We wanted to give the sailors a tool to analyze how they performed against their competitors in a particular race. We also wanted to see what kind of effort it would be to run an interactive Crystal Report on this device.




If you have an iPad, and you are interested in viewing the above mentioned report, please


  1. go to the SAP Experience site at experience.sap.com in your iPad's Safari browser
  2. press the picture of the sailboat to go to the 5O5 page
  3. press the See It In Action button


Report description:


The end user can change the sailboat that they want to focus on. The report then shows the 5 boats that finished before the chosen focus boat, and the 5 boats that finished after the focus boat, if applicable. The top 3 finishers were always displayed and the report would always show 14 racers to keep the sizing of the report consistent. Crystal's interactive sorting feature was also implemented to allow the end user to sort the report by various measures which are summarized in the graphs. A cross-tab at the bottom highlights the positions gained or positions lost at each leg of the race.


More info on how we did it: 


Without any additional effort (versus publishing any report to an Enterprise environment) we were able to deploy the first report to be consumed by iPad users at the event. We used an OpenDocument url (opened from a web based email account) to open up the report, logged into InfoView and then viewed the report. However, there were a couple of issues.


The first issue was that the prompt / parameter panel in the Crystal Reports viewer was not that easy to use in the iPad. We were able to get around that issue using the Crystal Reports webElements custom functions to embed the html controls onto the report. We also hid the Crystal Reports viewer toolbar as it did not make much sense to have this visible on the iPad. You can hide the viewer toolbar using webElements or with the OpenDocument parameters found Hiding the Toolbar in Crystal Reports and 2 Other Great OpenDocument Features.


The second issue was that the report was truncated at the bottom so regular scrolling on the iPad did not work that great. The end user had to use a two finger scroll method to view the very bottom of the report. This seems to be an issue with frames and the iPad. OpenDocument opens up a report in a frame and thus it did not want to scroll with one finger on the iPad. Hopefully the iPad's next OS will have this addressed. Or hopefully we can find a workaround for this in the meantime.


Single sign on (SSO) was later deployed on the Enterprise system which allowed the end user to open up the report without having to log into InfoView. This makes for a better end user experience when you are using a generic user.


Overall the project was deemed a success and we were able to deploy Crystal Reports to an iPad without that much additional effort. We did not test the report on the iPod due to the screen size required for the report. Should you wish to see any more samples created with Crystal Reports for the iPad or the iPod (or not specifically for these devices) please go to the Value Added Samples and Demos site here.



Crystal Reports webElements

Jamie Wiseman

webElements 246 Beta

Posted by Jamie Wiseman Mar 24, 2010

We are currently working on a new version (2.46) of webElements.




Although there are no new functions in this build, there is a much easier way to submit to / target named windows, iframes, and current windows. The number of submit buttons and links has been drastically reduced so that it is easier to figure out how to target a window and what control to use. There is also a sample report that shows you the various submit controls and methods.


All submit controls can now open multiple reports and or web intelligence documents.



There are a lot of bug fixes as well and we have been striving to eliminate a lot of the cross-browser issues...i.e. more of the functions should be trouble free in Firefox or Safari. There are still some issues so please have a look at the readme.txt in the download. 


The beta version can be downloaded from here. The production version (webElements 2.45) is Crystal Reports webElements.


If you would like to test this new beta out then we encourage you to do so plus provide feedback and suggestions by replying to this blog post.


Some NOTES on this beta 246 build:


1)  *** Please do not use these functions in your production environment as they are beta functions. ***


2) If you wish to use the new submit methods on existing reports, you will have to switch the buttons and links functions that you are currently using...there is one main submit function named WESubmit which replaces many of the older functions. Please see the formulae in the WESubmitMethods_246 report in the download.


3) The majority of older submit functions are in the Other > Deprecated folder of the webelements functions. they will not be supported in version 246 and up.


4) If you apply the 2.46 functions against existing reports, you may have to change some formulae due to a couple of the 2.46 functions having additional parameters. This is a very minor and easy procedure.

Have you ever had an idea or task or work flow and wondered if it could be created in Crystal Reports?


Do you think that your idea could be used by others?


Do you want someone else to build it for you for free?


If you have answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then the Value Added Samples and Demos area may be just what you need.


Our team will look at your ideas and see if they are  something that will add value to the Community. We want to help you make the most of the products that you already own or are evaluating.


To get this series started, we have posted an interactive "tag cloud analytic" Crystal Reports Interactive Tag Cloud Sample, created with Crystal Reports. The tag cloud can be adapted to any database.




ever wished that you could create a "slot machine" report using crystal reports? well, now you don't have to wonder about it any longer as we've already done that for you. you're welcome.


this report is for crystal reports 2008 only. the database is currently ms sql server, but you may be able to convert the .bak to your own database and also adjust the report's command objects to use your database syntax. i'd do this myself if i had the time...really, i would.

the report uses flex components to display the scores after a specified time. the report uses a series of embedded swf files, conditionally suppressed in subreports, to create the animated wheel affects. an xcelsius widget is used to display a scrolling marquee in the preview mode of the report. a sort control is used to control the report when in play mode.

see the readme.txt in the .zip file for installation instructions.

ProjectVegas.zip1.49 MB

Ever wanted to create a (sort of) ad hoc report? The attached report set is a simple example on how this can be done using a combination of webElements and Crystal's Command objects.

The SQL to create the report is generated on the fly using the web controls and passed to a report which contains several container formulae to output the fields.


a) add new fields or reset and start again
b) add groups or reset and start again
c) add selection filters using dynamic cascading field values
d) add selection filter using a partial freeform method
e) show or hide a graph (drill-down enabled)


1) *** this is not a supported method in that customer assurance at SAP - Business Objects can't be contacted for help...this sample is for your reference only ***

2) you can however get help applying these techniques through Global Services at Business Objects via a paid engagement as they are familiar with the webelements function library

3)in order for you to view this report properly, you must have pass-through html activated on the web server that serves up the reports...see the webElements forum for more info...i.e. download the webelements.zip and see the User Guide on how to activate pass through html

Crystal Reports webElements


1) after activating pass through html (see #3 above) publish the 2 reports to your BOE system without the .rpt extension

2) ensure that the WEPlatform custom function is set to your BOE environment (see the webElements User Guide for more info) it is currently set for XIr2 on Java

3) these reports use the xtreme database which ships with Crystal Reports so you must have this up and running to use this

AdHoc.zip570.66 KB


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