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Jim Spath

Solution Manager - more work, less return

Posted by Jim Spath in jim.spath on Apr 20, 2010 3:40:12 AM

Our EarlyWatch reports are generated every week (usually) from Solution Manager, and I take a look at them at least monthly, even more often when there is an application or infrastructure change planned.  As an example, we have an SCM upgrade this weekend (and we'll be presenting on this at the ASUG Annual conference next month).

In my role, I recommend the hardware we purchase or lease, and monitor how we deploy it to maximize investment return.  Our SCM hardware, as well as nearly every other part of the midrange environment, is brand new, virtualized and humming along nicely (see my recent blog series, e.g #18124).   But Solution Manager / Early Watch don't seem to think so.  They gave us a yellow light. 




The text says "hardware resources have been exhausted", yet every application server has a green rating check mark.  Lots of CPU overhead, no memory paging to speak of.  It also complains about "no CPU virtualization data available".

The SAP notes referenced are:

  • 994025 - Virtualized IBM in the operating system monitor
  • 1147334 - CPH activation of OS data for SAP Remote Services

These send me down the rabbit hole of more agents, more repositories, more work.  I'll let you know if I get past the looking glass.


The next report is on Solution Manager itself.  Per the built-in self destruct mechanism, the tool will expire within a year.  As far as I know, the next version is not yet in ramp-up, meaning that we will have well under a year of field testing of the replacement for Solution Manager when this one expires.

I tweeted about the twisty language on Extended Maintenance.  Read it for yourself here:



Maybe I should stick to command line, scriptable, freeware tools like fping.



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