“Sometimes you need to ask the whole world your questions to find the right answers.”


SDN and BPX teams get happy when we hear that you get value out of the community. We work hard to provide a place where the community creates its own rewards. Every week we get some kind of confirmation in the form of detailed reports on new members, page traffic, downloads, unique users, logins, length of sessions, etc.


The numbers are nice. Professionals are joining the communities at an accelerating rate. They’re logging on more and staying longer. Last week, members downloaded 10K software packages, viewed 335K documents, read and participated in 1.7M forum threads. Numbers give us insight into what’s hot and what’s not; insight into where we should focus energies and resources.


But numbers don’t tell the people-stories and, in my opinion, the stories are what are most interesting. Our editorial team has pulled together some wiki pages that collect interviews, Q&A sessions, testimonials, success stories, and fun anecdotes, all focused around how members get value out of the communities. We put them in the Contributor’s Corner in an area called SDN and BPX Success Stories. Please check it out and give us your feedback.


Do you have a story to add to the wiki? Maybe you’ve learned something that got you through a tough spot in an implementation project. Maybe you’ve been able to use SDN and BPX resources to develop your knowledge and advance your career. Maybe you got a new customer through your visibility in the communities as a top contributor. Maybe you’ve made valuable connections and friendships with other community members. Tell us how you get value from the communities.

Keith Elliott

Satisfaction is Sweet

Posted by Keith Elliott Apr 1, 2007
2007 SDN/BPX Satisfaction Survey, Part 1

The results of the latest SDN/BPX satisfaction survey are in; and the Community has
shown itself to be dedicated, youthful, and diverse.

I'd like to share some of the more interesting results of the survey with you.
But first, let's talk about the winners.

The Winners

Everyone who submits a survey response is entered in a drawing where the grand prize
is a free ticket to SAP TechEd'07. This year's grand prize winner is Alexander Barthel.
Congratulations Alexander!

It’s a long way from the grand prize to the runner-ups, but nevertheless, the following
20 second-place winners will be receiving a very cool t-shirt. Congratulations to all of them!

  • Anish Raghavan
  • Shishupalreddy Ramreddy
  • Troy Loseke
  • Karthikeyan YM
  • Raja Sekhar
  • Prabhakar Lal
  • Ingo Helgefort
  • Pradeep Balan
  • Tony Li
  • Jaheer Ushen
  • Sandi Bedor
  • Kiran Kumar Chennakeshavula
  • Rob Ericsson
  • Elfi Landau
  • GulshanRaj Shetty
  • Holger Stumm
  • Edwin Molenkamp
  • Sanjay Shah
  • Fabio Pifferini
  • Shibu David
How Satisfied can the Community be?

Although a smaller number of you responded to this survey than did to the previous one
(1508 vs. 4202), your scores and comments were overwhelmingly positive.

So, before I go into details, let me say,

"Thank you very much SDN and BPX communities, for being so active and for contributing
such highly-estimated value back to the community."

And now for some numbers:
4.26 overall satisfaction rating (scale 1-5 where 5 is the highest).
63% of the respondants visit daily. A common complaint:
"If I visited more often, I wouldn't get any work done"
Variant: "If I spend any more time on BPX or SDN, my partner will leave me."
59.3% Net Promoter. Here's how this one is measured:
We asked, "How likely are you to recommend SDN or BPX to a friend or colleague?"
The answers range on a scale of 0 - 10, where 0 is "not at all likely" and 10 is "very likely,"
Here's how we calculated our Net Promoter Score:
Net Promoter = (% who gave scores 10 and 9) - (% who gave scores 6 to 0)

Survey Demographics

Here are a few interesting demographics from this survey:
52% of the respondants are under 30 years old. Way to go next gen...
10% of the respondants are women.
5 top countries (number of respondants)
65% Techies
35% Technical Consultant
22% Developer
4% IT Manager
4% System Administrator
31% Business Side
20% Business Consultant
6% Business Analyst
5% Enterprise Architect
Primary Area of Interest
30% ABAP
16% Application configuration
11% Business Process Modeling
10% Java
10% Systems Integration


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