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   Due to some arrangement reasons, this session is cancelled at TechEd India. :-(

   Sorry for inconvenience.


Hi all,


Please let me make another announcement for the upcoming TechEd India session - I will conduct the Live Expert Session which has the title of "Be the Expert - Proper Usage of Java Development Component Public Parts".

This material was originally created by Teched 09 Expert Networking Session - Proper Usage of Java Development Components and Public Parts in US. And unfortunately again there's no session on this for TechEd EMEA :-( too bad. But you will have the material in the TechEd USB media. Be sure to check it!

The idea of this session is answering the common questions with Development Components - if you have these questions, you can be really confident that this is a good indication of stepping out of the novice NW developers. 

These are pictures of common riddles when you work with Development Components in NWDS:


Q. What the heck do these mean? 


Q. How does the DC behave for each tick box??



Well during the session I will answer them and also share the useful Tips. Talk to you there!


   This session will be held:

   Friday 3:00 p.m.–3:45 p.m., Lounge 1 


Hi everyone,


Please let me announce the upcoming TechEd workshop at TechEd India.

At TechEd this year, RIG is delivering so called "Live Expert Session" which discusses the common practical Tips & Tricks for your daily implementation challenge.

I am the author of the session titled: "How to speed up your build time with NWDI – Learning common pitfalls".

At TechEd US, the session was already delivered by my best friend Teched 09 Expert Networking Session - How to speed up your build time with NWDI – Learning common pitfalls. Unfortunately RIG won't be able to deliver this session for TechEd EMEA - but all the TechEd participants will have an USB drive which contains this material inside.


So here's a teaser trailer of the session contents at TechEd India:

I was involved in a full scratch custom java application project on SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1.

The good aspect of the project was:

The entire application was pretty well structured in WDJ/CAF/EJB/GP/NWDI. Good modularization was done - including 120 WDJ DCs.

However the problem the customer faced was:

The long hours (<6 hours) of CBS build occurred. Project members have to wait until everything built & deployed for the integration test – serious issue for the development productivity.

...and I had a talk with NWDI development team for analyzing the root cause.

So build analysis indicated that "max 4 mins for one DC" - this means "No special findings, numbers look normal". 


In such situation, how do you speed up the build time?


We'll talk about the Tips & Tricks in the workshop. I am looking forward to seeing you there!


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