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To ensure you take into account all the costs of running your SAP systems with and without archiving it is important to consider these three points:

1. It is the total number of systems running in your SAP landscape that counts (not just the production system)

As data held on your production system is copied into DR, development, test, pre-production and QA systems this has a significant knock-on effect on your storage costs – and your potential savings through archiving. Put simply, if you have five system copies then you save five times more by removing the data from the live system.

2. The true cost of data storage is much more than the hard disk

It is easy to overlook the costs involved in looking after hard disk, such as storage management systems and people costs – but these account for the lion’s share of your total expenditure on storage. In fact the price of hard disk is typically only around 23% of your total storage costs, according to Gartner. The true lifetime cost of a single terabyte of production storage, including all overheads, is around £100,000 to £150,000 over its lifetime, assuming a five year lifespan.

3. Archiving does not have to be a mega-project

Some SAP customers find it difficult to know where to start with archiving – and worry that it will turn into a major project. It does not have to. Using a ‘Proof of Concept’ lets you discover exactly how archiving will work for your organization - and start measuring the benefits - without making a major technology investment. Or you can try a free Database Health Check that shows you where and how you can save storage costs by archiving. You can also find fixed price, fixed scope archiving packages to get you started quickly.

Value calculator for SAP users

I have devised an online value calculator to help you quickly calculate your storage costs and storage growth over time, with and without archiving. Based on your responses to a few simple questions you can view personalized graphs like this:

Data Archiving ROI

This enables you to calculate your potential savings from removing older data from your system and storing it in an online archive.



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