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Raising the barn - SCN

Posted by Michelle Crapo in michelle.crapo2 on Oct 4, 2010 5:19:12 AM

Woo-Hoo!  I am a new mentor.   Very cool.  I can not believe it ---  me.  Why me?  I am so…

I could gush all day.  But what is a mentor?  Do I know what an SAP mentor is?  Do you?

Today – I get to introduce myself as a new mentor.  If you want, stop by and watch the Welcome New SAP Mentors Fall 2010.  There are a lot of people – more interesting than me – who will be introduced today.  It should be interesting to watch.  You will get to learn about this new people.  

Of course, thinking about what I am going to say about myself, made me think about what an SAP Mentor is.  That led to thinking about what SCN is used for.  So I thought I would blog about what I think of when I think about SCN.  Yes – I made a very low tech video on the top reasons SAP is such a good place to visit.  Others made videos as well.  But it really just answers a couple of questions.  (Be kind my video was made with a camera phone.  I was having technical difficulties, and it was the first video I have ever posted anywhere on the net.)

Anyway – what is SCN to me?   It makes me think of the old days.  When there were communities of people helping each other.  Someone needed a new barn and everyone would help.  It would not be because of fame of fortune.  It would be because someone in the community had a problem.

What does that have to do with SCN?  Take a look at the table.

 Barn Raising   SCN
 Help raise a barn Help create solutions
 Offer advise to others E-learning, blogs
 Brings together the community Everything SCN brings together the SAP Community
Communication between members of the community Forums, events, and more
 Food and Drink SCN events!!

Now take a second and think of the world as a whole.  Our community spans different nations, different religions – gasp, and different morals.  Our community works.   When someone has a question, he/she can ask it and receive answers.  The people who answer have different motivators.  But there are people who look at the questions and answer it when they can.

There are people who take the time to blog.  Maybe about something that is technical, maybe about something a little “off the wall” like this.   And there are people who read what we write.   Who ask the questions.  Who help bring us together as a community.

Who says the days when people help each other are over?  Not me.  I go to someplace like SCN, and find that people still help each other.  And this community extends all over the world.  How amazing is that?

Yes, the music is playing in the background.  GO SCN!   But I really do believe what I am writing.  I am not trying to be “SAPPY”.  Sorry I couldn’t resist that.

So back to me – I am glad o be a mentor because this community is a community.  And because it does a good things. 

By the way – I can’t resist – if you are headed to Teched or if you are not going to be there, still take some time, stop, and look at innovation weekend.    There are many different business casses.  Once we are finished developing solutions, they will be provided to non-profit organizations.  This is yet another way to build that barn. 

So what was this Blog about?  SCN or new mentors?  I think a little of both.  I couldn't think about being a new mentor without thinking about SCN.



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