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Theme Class Locator

Posted by Nadav Nuri Apr 3, 2010

Theme Class Locator




Say one wants to change the appearance (Look & Feel) of some elements in the portal,

he should enter the “Theme Editor” and change the entries representing these elements, however,

knowing which entry in the theme editor represents which element is not so trivial…


This support tool was developed in order to ease up the process of finding the correct entry to

change in the theme editor for a provided element.




Portal Versions:

SAP NetWeaver 7.00 SP22 and above.

SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SP7 and above.

SAP NetWeaver 7.02 SP5 and above.


For Internet explorer browser:

IE Developer Toolbar - can be downloaded from Microsoft official site.

For Mozilla Firefox browser:

Firebug – can be downloaded from Add-ons for Firefox site.


How to use


First of all, one should find out the class name of the element he wishes to change.

That could be done by opening the IE Developer Toolbar / Firebug and selecting the
element to change, as can be seen in the following screenshot (e.g. IE Developer Toolbar)


After retrieving the desired class name of the element, the support tool should be opened.


To display the support tool, one should enter the portal and switch the URL to



Now the class name that was retrieved in the previous step should be filled as the parameter.

The dropdown list displays all the custom themes. It is possible to choose a theme from

the list in order to generate a link to the specific section of a specific theme; however, that field is not mandatory.


After clicking the “Execute“ button, the tool will display the location of the entry that represents that item in the “Theme Editor “.

It will also generate a link for that entry if a theme has been selected.


When clicking the link, the “Theme Editor” will be opened for the chosen theme on the specific Group and page.


Now the Entry should be searched in the “styles” section by scrolling down that page.


The only thing left is changing the relevant fields of the element and saving the theme.


Hope that helps !


Best Regards,



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